Apple TV - how to scroll through rider list in watch mode

(David Kindler) #1

Try as I might I wanted to scroll down through the list of riders while in Watch mode.   All I could manage with the Apple remote was to click and pull up the selection bar at the bottom and move between views, hand signals, etc.  Is there some key stroke sequence I’m not understanding for how to jump over to the leaderboard menu.   Tried with the Apple Remote app as well- no luck.   Maybe this feature isn’t supported?   

Re-asking a related question - can I unpair the apple physical remote from ATV and use the App and then buy a BT keyboard?   And if so, would I gain access to more ATV commands?  I do realize the Zwift Companion get me some functionality…such as convenient message texting during an event… but single function keys are so much easier - especially if you’re primary interest is riding, not communicating