Cannot scroll/move down in AppleTV Ride Report menu [1.43, 1.44]

Apple TV
Using the Original Apple TV remote (touch pad without edge buttons)

Error in Ride Report menu selection

Ever since the latest update I am no longer able to move downwards in the Timeline or Critical Power tabs to scrub the timelines OR to select OK and leave the menu/save the ride. You can only do this from the first tab.

In Timeline you need to manually tick the cadence box to show your cadence on the graph, which you can also no longer do as you can’t tab downwards in the menu to reach those buttons.

This is another menu navigation bug since the newer Apple TV remote with buttons at the edge of the touch pad was released.

Zwift, please can you check and patch this for the next update.


Same here. And from the first tab you can only scroll down very slowly via the long long list of ride-ons. Takes ages. Started with the latest update.

Screenshot to illustrate the issue:

You can only scroll to the „OK“ button from this tab, not from the other two. And scrolling down to the „OK“ button only works by scrolling through the endless „Ride On“ list, it takes ages. On the other two tabs the scrolling down is totally broken and on this it’s almost unusable.

While using my AppleTV remote, I’m no longer able to scroll down in the ‘ride report’ window. This hinders me from saving my ride. Currently using the companion app to save my ride, but via this way my printscreen of the ride report is not being added to my activity on Strava,

This issue is there since a a week or two.

Software is up-to-date.

Hi folks,

Thank you for the reports on this issue. We should have the fix in the next full-version Zwift release.

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Definitely not fixed on my ATV 4k 1st Gen. (Old remote).

It looks like there’s still some navigation issues with the ride report. I’ve flagged these up at HQ.

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Still there in v1.54.

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Still there in 1.55.

This issue should now be resolved in Zwift version 1.63.0. Thanks everyone!

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