Can't navigate the "Ride Report" on ATV

Since one of the recent updates, I have not been able to fully navigate the “ride Report” page.
I usually go to the graph page and highlight the cadence radio button (why it doesn’t default to on is a mystery). For a couple of months I have not been able to move anywhere on that page. I can move to the other pages, but not within that page.

Any Idea on how to fix this?

Same. This was an issue some time ago and was corrected but it seems to have cropped up again. Please fix.

Here we are in February with another update and this is still an issue. Why?

There hasn’t been an update with new functionality (other than a minor Zwift Hub change) since early January amd 1.56. Just saying.

We’re at 1.57.3

This issue is in the Known Bugs list and was stated in July ‘23 that it would be fixed in the next release.

Just sayin’.

I’m not disagreeing that it needs fixing. But 1.57 was rolled back (to 1.56 on Windows/Mac and in a version 1.57.1 that was the same as 1.56 on other platforms). 1.57.3 was just a small change specific to Zwift Hub, and there was no 1.57.2.

Just pointing out that we’re effectively still on an early January release.

We’ll presumably get 1.58 next week to add the stages for Tour de Zwift, and let’s see what other fixes we get then.

1.57 had some fixes for the Streak screen (but were rolled back) so hopefully those will be in 1.58.

What I have found is that when the Ride Report screen shoes at the end of my workout, I can use my ATV remote to highlight the cadence button (again, why isn’t it on by default?), then I can snap a screenshot. But after that I can’t do anything else.
Another issue, is when editing the name of the ride, what shows on my phone is not what shows on Zwift. I have to edit the ride name a few times to get both to agree.
And please get rid of the streak page.


Still broken, but at least we can pick any gender avatar that we want. :roll_eyes:

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Still broken.

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Which ATV, and which remote, do you have? I just tried this, and it worked. It is clunky, as it always has been, but I was able to navigate everywhere on the page, and select the different tabs and options.

ATV 4K, with the trackpad remote.

Same. ATV 4K with trackpad remote.

Can you toggle the cadence radio button? Can you scrub through your graphs?

Interestingly, I was able to earlier today, but don’t appear to be able to do so now. I’ll give it another shot later on, and go with best 2 out of 3.

For a while now I’ve been able to highlight the cadence button after the screen pops up at the end of a workout. Sometimes I can navigate to the other pages, sometimes I can’t. What I can’t do is end the ride from that screen. I have to go out of it, go to menu then end the ride.
It adds a few steps & small amount of time, then it’s on to the streak screen, which again adds a few steps and small amount of time.


Still broken.