2 minor bugs since last update - ride report and selecting items in garage

Since the last update I am experiencing 2 minro annoying issues. Windows PC install.

  1. At the end of each ride, when the ride report comes up, if I select the “Critical Power” tab I can no longer move the cursor around and see the difference between this ride and my best. A screen shot is (hopefully) attached.

  2. When I go in to the garage, I can’t scroll up and down through the item lists. I first have to hit the “down arrow” key on the keyboard, which jumps the selected widget to the “Close” button. I can then use the mouse to go back in to the list view and scroll up and down.


Both of these issues are known about and fixes are on the way.

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Good to hear an update is coming. I am having the same issue.

Thanks for the hard work at Zwift.