Scroll bar in garage not working properly [1.39] [May 2023] [SOLVED]

It’s something I’ve noticed the past week or so - when I go to the garage mid ride, say to change a frame or the like, the scroll bar is defaulted to the top of the menu, and does not work with click and drag until you click on a selection. Once you click on an item once, it then works as it should. Using a Windows 11 PC laptop, if that’s relevant.

I am seeing a scrolling bug in the garage on my Mac.

If I grab the scroll bar for bikes I have to pull up for it to go down and pull down for it to go up. This is broken, obviously.

HOWEVER, I can “fix” this by selecting a new bike. After this, the scroller for the bikes works as expected! Very strange. The same bug exists for wheels.

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Same here. It scolls up and down and all over the place. I also cannot return ride ons because it scrolls so fast off screen and then back, then back off screen that I can click it. It is super jacked up. Not sure what update would have caused this, but please fix this. Thank you.

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Hey all - this issue is resolved in Zwift game version 1.42, which starts a phased rollout today. Pleas update when it’s available to you (within two more days).

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@shooj - I noticed the scroll bar in the ride report screen does not work like the garage scroll bar was not working. Garage scroll bar seems to be fixed, but ride report scroll bar is still not functioning correctly. Is this an issue that has been brought to the attention of the bug fixers?

Still not fixed on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra tablet. Scrolling always jumps back to the top. Takes me 10 minutes and a lot of luck to equip my Specialized Shiv Disc.

Not fixed on my tablet.