Game Update 1.42 [June 2023]

Hi Zwifters!
We have some new features in Zwift version 1.42! This is a phased rollout over the next two days. We appreciate your patience during this staggered rollout to all OS platforms.

  • Practice your best Captain Kirk voice - Teleport is here! Use the action bar to teleport to a RoboPacer or friends within the world you are riding or running in. Teleport to friends only works with someone you follow and they follow you back.

  • Redesigned action bar now supports new pop-up menus for camera positions, game emotes and new Teleport feature.

  • The Coffee Stop icon has a new look.
    2023-06-08 11 08 48

  • The newly-named ​​Repack Rush route is back open again! Pair a steering device to see what’s new - including seeing your HoloReplay.

  • The Power Curve window has changed from 60 days to 90 days to be consistent with Personal Records. Some Zwifters may see a change in their Pace Group (A-D category), affecting which category they can join for Category Enforced races. The web profile will still say ‘60 day’ for a few days following the release, but the calculation will be on a 90 day window.

  • Changed the zMAP limits for both mixed and women’s specific categories. Some Zwifters will see a change in their Pace Group (A-D category), mostly affecting which category they can join for category enforced races. All category limits are found in our support FAQ.

  • Zwifters can now see which workouts have been completed and when in the workout browser.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in the Ride Report where output wattage was not visible in the Critical Power graph.
  • Fixed an issue where the nameplates of other Zwifters were visible when the Heads-Up Display (HUD) was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue in the Garage where scrolling (via scrollbar) was reversed.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when free riding and joining a private event.
  • Fixed an issue where running events on the event-only Splash and Dash route would not complete as expected.
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Handcycle that could occur after completing a challenge.
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to see the position of the text cursor when editing a custom workout title.
  • Fixed an issue where Workout bias adjustment could be decreased to negative values.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect badge titles were shown in the Badges screen.
  • Android: Fixed a crash that could occur after closing the Pairing screen.
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue joining Pace Partners.

UPDATE June 12

  • Zwift v 1.42 has begun rollout for iOS and tvOS today.
  • macOS and Windows rollout continues as well.
  • Android will begin next.

Phased rollout to Android has begun.

UPDATE June 13
Phased rollout continues across all OS platform today.

UPDATE June 14
Zwift v 1.42 has rolled out to all devices on all OS platforms

UPDATE June 16
Windows & macOS only: Fixed Z button UI message on Zwift Play controllers.

Any questions about this release? Ask here!


Nice update :muscle:

Here is my post on the release - feel free to check it out! Zwift Update Released 1.42 - ZRace Central

More details to come in the next few hours.


Nothing about fixing the issue of joining Robo Pacers?

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This is also fixed in 1.42, but we forgot to mention it in the release notes! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for confirming and for the quick fix - strange how testing of previous release didn’t identify this defect! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

If you hop between Robopacers, what will the ride name be saved as? you started or how you finished?


Given the rework on the action bar, I have to ask the question : do you track usage of the actions and more specifically the emotes?

Unless I’m missing something, but the emotes are only producing sounds (should I say noises?) except for the elbow flick and hand wave?
So for people (like me), using Zwift without sound on, they are basically useless.
That doesn’t mean you should get rid of them. I’m not the kind of people saying that because it’s not relevant to me it shouldn’t exists.
Have you got some metrics on their use? And compared to the visual noise they bring in the action bar, do they deserve their spot in Zwift?
And could you see a improvement of them where they have some visual translation on the platform, to have a greater impact around their sender?

Both the elbow flick and the hand wave, who have a meaning IRL and a visual translation in-game are used, from my experience, very sparsely to say the least.
So I have a hard time seeing the other, only audio, ones, being used more often.

And now that you’ve added the coffee stop and teleport actions, maybe the easiest way to clear the UI is to just get rid of things that are not relevant?
But again, maybe you have metrics showing that more than 1% of the users are pushing those emotes buttons at least once per 10km?


I use wave regularly, elbow should also stay. Audio ones are not just pointless but confusing as well. How many people think the “ride on!” button actually gives a ride on to someone instead of just playing an annoying audio clip?

Action bar on the companion app should be redesigned to have zero side to side scrolling. I checked and I have 1.42, haven’t ridden with it yet. But not expecting that UI/UX improvement to have been implemented.

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Nothing about riders that didn’t late join taking random turns during a group ride? This morning the Yellow Beacon took a random turn away from the group…twice. YB was initially not a late join. She had to rejoin but was again misrouted and couldn’t rejoin. It then took at least 5 min before the backup YB got the beacon.

I think the Robo Pacer fix will cover this issue too. The big wasn’t so much Robo Pacer related but more about rider placement

1.42 issues:
User names behind you flicker in and out too fast, also distances refresh too fast and it flickers. Also there’s a one pixel wide black line in the middle of pace partner’s name badge at the bottom of the screen

Other rider’s power up icon flickering (draft van)

Mini map way zoomed in with giant icons and dots and such (might just be a specific part of the route? Riding with coco on Makuri)

Repeatedly de-grouped from pace partner while only 1s away

The appearance of the turn options when approaching junctions appeared more abrupt/harsh than before

Not a bug but u turn should not be so prominent on companion app, a sweat drop could trigger it

Teleport was seamless and easy.

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Click on the map to change the zoom.

It zoomed in and out some during the ride. I never clicked on it and I’ve never seen it that zoomed in. Something changed in 1.42 to cause it to happen.

That is happening in Makuri for a long time already. Way before 1.34.


I don’t actually know for certain, but would expect it to be how you started the ride.

I frequently wave to people in races, both to say hello and goodbye :joy:


The extreme map zoom has been a problem ever since the last new Makuri expansion came out.


It saves as how you start the ride.

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My mistake, not a 1.42 bug, just a long-standing one that I hadn’t noticed before.