Names and distances for riders behind in “hide display mode” [SOLVED]

After the 1.34 update Zwift is showing names and distances for riders behind at the bottom of the screen while in “hide display mode”. The issue is still present after the 1.39 update.

It was mentioned in both 1.34 and 1.39 threads but I’m posting it here so hopefully it’s not forgotten again.

Can you share a screenshot of this happening?

Version 1.34

Version 1.33.6

Thank you

I concur that this is really annoying. I actually would prefer the option to hide the name tags even when you have other data showing. I really don’t care who is behind me. Actually, the absolute perfect thing for me would be if you had choices, so you could turn them on or off when other data is showing (and I’d assume everyone would want them off in the “hide data” view, but you could make it a choice), AND it would be awesome if you could select to hide all name tags other than your own ghost (previous PR). y’all are going to kick my ass and keep passing me; I really am only competing against myself. OHH! The most awesome is if you could hide all name tags except your ghost and except other zwifters you follow… I mean, if you really wanted to give us options.


Concur with everyone else. This is new behaviour with 1.34 and I would prefer it off as well.

Cathy says it best, the entire HUD should be configurable and let us choose which elements to show or hide. No HUD should have everything off (including ride on thumbs…) but then with it on, let us choose what to show or hide, down to the detail level of ride on thumbs, power ups, names etc.

Funnily enough, this was behaviour I wanted when the feature was first released.

I’m all for it being a config option.

Funny indeed.

I think if it’s not a config option, it should be enabled only in races.

If not in a race, why would someone want to hide the HUD and still see the distance from riders behind?

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Still the same in 1.40

Bug still present after update 1.41

Hey all - this issue is resolved in Zwift game version 1.42, which starts a phased rollout today. Pleas update when it’s available to you (within two more days).


Haha i actually thought this was intentional.
I prefer it