Option to hide "nearby riders"

I would appreciate the option to hide the “riders nearby” panel and have a clean view of the route, without the “riders nearby” panel. I find it reduces enjoyment of the view and makes it less lifelike when I’m riding solo and not part of a group ride.

Customizable HUD would solve this and many other request, but in the mean time you can take a look at this: Run Zwift with minimal distractions using this simple hack | Zwift Insider

Thank you. I’ve made the edit and it is working. Too bad no hud options that let you keep access to the other panels but this is a nice improvement for the time being. Just need to reme how to edit to be able to join group rides from time to time. Again, thank you for the tip.

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Actually, now that I think about it…I will use companion app for viewing the other functions. I think I am really going to like this new setup.

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Thanks Paul_Allen
That works beautifully. I love the clean view and now I can finally see the landscape in all its glory. It’s so simple, it should be available as one of the standard views! The landscapes are so brilliant why not?
All the data you can see on the other app