Toggle Off "Who's Nearby" And "Leaderboard"

(Steve Mckay) #1

Please provide an option to toggle OFF the who’s nearby and leaderboard portions of the screen. It’s great to have these when you want to compete or push yourself harder with other riders, BUT, I suspect virtually all of your subscibers would like to have the option for more screen real estate for increased realism during normal rides or during workouts. 

What sets Zwift apart from Trainer Road and others is the immersive visual experience, and this is currently hampered by 2 very large blocks of data on the left and right of the screen which is not always desirable to have present.

Sometimes I may want to compete and ride with others, and sometimes I may want to not push quite as hard and just ride and enjoy the scenery. Best of both worlds…

What are your thoughts Zwift team and others?

(Stef Levolger) #2

Personally I like riding with data. For realism I’d ride outside. I zwift for training purposes only.

Nonetheless, I too think the Zwift interface can use a massive overhaul. But to be fair, the Zwift team themselves will never be able to please all riders. And as such, I don’t think they should try. But rather give the community the tools to do so.

Make the entire interface system open and customizable. For those familiar with MMO games, think e.g. World of Warcraft.

(Steve Mckay) #3

Greetings Stef,

Yes, I agree with you, I prefer riding outside and Zwift is a fabulous training tool. It just seems to me that, especially during workout mode, the Riders Nearby and the Leaderboard screens are useless and in the way. Zwift is great “as is”, but having the choice to toggle these on or off would make it even better. I know nothing about computer programming, but surely this shouldn’t be that hard to do…?


(Maurice Hunter) #4

Being able to fully customize the overlay would be ideal, certainly. For now, I would be quite please with the simple option to toggle it on/off. Sometime, just riding with no overlay at all and full scenery is nice.

That would also allow for better screenshot photos for those who are into that :)