Option To Remove Riders Nearby

It’s fine when you want it, but very annoying and cluttering most of the time to me. I would MUCH prefer a way to toggle this off when desired. This can’t be that hard to implement. I love everything else about Zwift but I really dislike not having this option…

Are you asking for the same feature that exists on iOS - where you can just swipe the list of nearby riders off of the screen - on PC/Mac? Basically, you just don’t want to see the list of riders (as opposed to asking to not have any other riders in the game nearby)?

Yes, I would like to see an option to remove the displayed list of riders on the right side of the screen. I’m using a PC attached to a large 4k TV in front of the bike. Most of the time, I’m riding a workout and not “competing” with others and there is a huge portion of screen real estate on the right that is unnecessary and distracting. One of the main benefits of Zwift is the realism it offers while riding indoors. Honestly, I don’t care about seeing 10 or 15 other people’s “data” in relation to me while I’m riding a workout or a free ride.

Zwift… Do this, It can’t be that hard to implement.

Thanks !


I’m enjoying Zwift but it appears to be built to serve a competitive rider. I don’t want to close the gap. I don’t care about riders nearby. I don’t even want to see other riders. Please make it go away so I can enjoy my ride in peace.

Please go to zwifthacks.com.