Toggle workout riders

I want to toggle workout riders from being visible in game. The riding style and progress in game is not relevant to a ‘normal’ ride.

Is anything in Zwift relevant to a normal ride…

Ok, Phrasing. An indoor ride, someone jogging on the spot while I’m spinning without moving is the part I want to have to option to see or not. Just an interface setting that will reduce things ‘in-world’
Same idea as my other request - toggle runners off. I don’t care about a fixed effort zone on a non-smart trainer reporting 400w up mt. zwift.

Turn your wifi connection off while riding and everyone else will disappear. Just remember to reconnect to the WiFi before saving.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I was already aware of that, but the idea to request this feature would be that Zwift can offer something to add & improve their platform or user engagement with.
If I keep seeing things I don’t like/want/need, I’m losing interest.
(I was zwifting since before running was even on the platform and workouts were something to be done on other platforms - I would love to be able to have the choice )

Do you live in a city?
Getting riled up over seeing other people doing their own thing while ignoring you is a very immature attitude.


You’ve misunderstood my level of investment in this, there is no ‘riled up’ here.
Thanks for assuming my level of maturity and metropolitan status.
Well done.

I get your point and you certainly have a right to state you requests.
I was kind of caught up with your complaint with seeing runners and workouts.

I’ve often wondered why the folks doing in game workouts needed to be identified in the first place.
I guess it was to indicate to others that they would not be able to interact with them with “Ride Ons”.

I freq ride in Zwift but do a work out on another device so my intervals and riding style probably don’t make since to others around me.

I wish Zwift had an in game disconnect that would allow us to ride alone in the worlds without having to work around with disconnecting my computer from the internet.

Peace and and accept my apology.
We have more in common with each other than with others that don’t Zwift and I think we are better allies.


It’s that ‘don’t need’ part that’s the issue, same as with your runner toggle post.

It’s perfectly reasonable to not want to see things you don’t like. I actively don’t like the glow of so many Tron bikes on my screen, and I’d love to have the ability to turn the glow off. Just one or two around isn’t a problem, but in a big ride, I don’t like my whole screen glowing bright orange/green/yellow/etc. I’m not leaving Zwift because of it, but it would be nice. I also don’t expect it, at all.

But the ability to turn off anything that ‘isn’t needed’ would lead Zwift to create toggle switches for literally everything. Someone else will come along and say “I don’t mind seeing trees, but I don’t need to see dinosaurs, let me toggle them off”. And someone else will say “I don’t mind dinosaurs, but I don’t need trees”. And “I don’t mind climbs, but I don’t need lava.” And “I don’t mind Tempus Fugit, but I don’t need to see a train.” And “I don’t mind trains, but I don’t need to see birds.” etc etc.

Climb portals are the closest they’ve come to giving us a ride without ‘things we don’t need’–except for all those glowing squares spinning around. But no trees, no animals, no grass, no clouds, no water, no dirt. Take away the glowing squares and it’s the ultimate ‘nothing we don’t need’ environment. Should they really create dozens and dozens of toggle switches to allow people to turn on other bits as they think they ‘need’?

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Yes, you’ve understood my point really well and put several eloquent points to it, that my ‘I want this feature’ topic starter was a bit blunt. But I was thinking it should be simple for developers to take as a user story and implement how they find most practical.
I wouldn’t want every conceivable toggle to be created either, but three would be nice :wink:

Toggle runner / riders
Toggle workouts / world rides
Toggle all the shiny off / ‘realism’

Because Zwift started as simply virtual cycling, and now it’s some kind of Mario Kart bike run simulator and they haven’t spent much energy in trying to get some better physics, drafting, climbing, cornering.
Look at where wahoo had acquired RGT and how that was an alternative, that was killed in a sandwich of litigation between Zwift and Wahoo.
So without alternatives with less toys to choose from, we can ask Zwift to develop options inside the last ‘choice’

So you basically asking for MyWoosh.

whispers IndieVelo

What makes Zwift special is the community, and you can see that there’s already pushback from other members. Locking this thread before it goes hostile.

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