Workouts In The Virtual World

Hey Zwift, I’ve just started using the Workout mode rather than just going for a random ride. I’ve moved over from TR and find the course and other riders quite distracting. I tend to want to chase people down and if I suddenly end up in a group then I’ve noticed I change my power to suit.

This is a big ask and would require a lot of work on your end but I would be interested in knowing if other people would like this feature as well.

What about having an option to have your workout in a virtual lab, just your avatar on their own on a turbo with maybe a virtual coach avatar alongside you giving you feedback, thumbs up, advice etc depending on how your HR/Cadence/Power was going.

It would make it easier to display the stats on the screen as there would be much less screen real estate taken up with other riders, leaderboards, maps etc and would also make it a lot less distracting. You could have the option of jumping back into the days virtual map when you have finished your workout.

Sounds like Trainerroad to me. A few of us use both Trainerroad and Zwift at the same time. i.e. TR on a tablet and Zwift on a PC. You can then look at which ever screen you prefer.

I like that idea but that is not what Zwift is. Zwift is unique.