Workout Mode - incorporating Trainerroad

Loving the workout mode now that I’ve done one and all seemed to work well. Found the max internal difficult to hold as was pushing 850/900W and still almost stopped peddling.

Thought for developers would it make sense to try and incorporate the Trainerroad workouts into Zwift. They have a huge variety ready made. I’m no techie or developer but maybe it would be an option to have ability to ‘drop’ Trainerroad workouts into Zwift for those who have both subscriptions and given the variety the user experience could be vast. 


Just a thought

There are ways to go about this already. If you use 2 x ANT dongles you can run Zwift and TR on your PC at the same time.


But if you have a phone you can run TR on that and just have Zwift in normal (non workout) mode. As long as your don’t pair your controllable trainer to Zwift when you start the game it should work fine.

will give it a go. thx

I think they will create their own workout plans considering they are partnered with Strava. Strava has their own work out plans that they get from Carmichael Training Systems. So I can see CTS creating more workout plans for Zwift. Well I hope anyways, I really do like the structured side of Zwift, but I like to see them add more races within everyone’s different FTP levels. of course.

Helpful. Thank you. 

The original request would be much easier. Dropping trainerroad workouts into Zwift would make perfect sense. Two +Ant dongels/devices/internet connections would be more trouble than it’s worth. The alternative I would try if I have the time is to create my trainerroad workouts using Zwift’s workout creator but I’m not sure I have the time to even attempt it.