Kickr CLIMB made usable in workout mode. Suggestions included

(Brian Simmons) #1

A ton of people use Zwift just for the structured training plans/workouts, and having the kickr climb motionless the whole time seems like a waste.

I think there’s a couple ways to go about this:

  1. have “freeride mode” available in training sessions where the climb responds to the gradients on the course while still having to meet your watt/cadence requirements. This is probably the easiest one to implement and will satisfy most people out there.

  2. have ERG mode send an incline % based on the % of FTP on that particular section. TrainerRoad has it implemented this way, where 75% of FTP is 0%, and every 5% FTP after that increases gradient by 1%. Easy to implement as well, and users can toggle it off by just locking their CLIMBS if they don’t want it.

  3. Have your workouts have slope requirements to each section, Probably the most work intensive option as training plans need to be rethought of; this one would provide the largest training benefit if implemented correctly IMO. The downfall is that it would look kinda weird on the course with everybody else if someone is hammering a 16% gradient on what it appears to be a downhill section, no biggie if you display the training display in front of them.

What do you guys think?

(Duncan Shortt) #2

Option 1 would be perfect for me :slight_smile:

(stephane nowfree52) #3

I am in the same boat, for the moment I feel I’ve been ripped off. I have a climb and it’s only purpose is maintaning my front wheel. I only do workouts on zwift …

why not just have zwift send the % gradient to the climb both in freeride and workout mode, seem logical.

(Ron George) #4

Agree completely - just got a climb and a little bummed out not getting inclines during workouts or group workout rides.

Please allow this Zwift