Training plans sending gradient information to Kickr Climb

I know this had been touched on before, but i can’t seem to find any of the old threads. Apologies in advance if they still exist somewhere.

Currently the kickr climb only seems to get gradient information from Zwift when you are in free ride mode, but nothing at all in training mode running in either ERG or normal mode. Is this something that is in the pipeline to be implemented? It doesn’t seem like a huge ask, but it does feel like a massive gap in functionality right now. Most of my time on Zwift is spent doing the training plans, and it would be great to see my Climb become an integrated part of this, rather than having to decide between a training session or an open world “Climb” session.

Please can i have my cake and eat it, it really can’t be that hard surely? :slight_smile:

Thanks for writing in Duncan! Haven’t heard anything about the Climb working for ERG mode or workouts, mainly for the fact that the resistance change in those modes is not based on gradient or environment. The Climb simulates environmental obstacles. ERG mode resistance change is based on watts and cadence.

The point is what we really want is the climb simulating environmental obstacles in parallel to the resistance changes generated by ERG mode in the training plans. I want my climb to replicate what i am riding, and ERG mode to decide how hard i have to push.