Wahoo Climb while in ERG mode

(Selino Valdes) #1

Would it be possible to send the gradient data to the smart trainer while maintaining ERG resistance? Currently I cannot have a working Wahoo Climb while in an ERG workout. The trainer does not send the data to the Climb. Does that mean that it’s not getting any from Zwift or something else? :man_shrugging:t4:

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Selino, the Climb reacts to the resistance change in those modes based on gradient or environment. The Climb simulates environmental obstacles. ERG mode resistance change is based on watts and cadence so there’s no real world “simulation” really.

(Thomas Risse Sltc) #3

It would be really nice if in ERG the kickr climb followed Zwift elevation, while allowing us to do structured power based workouts.

(Mark Withington) #4

Agree. It would be nice for the climb to react in ERG mode if nothing else to move your weight and sitz bones around in the saddle.