Non-Erg Mode Question

(Mark de Regt) #1


I’ve been riding on my Wahoo Kickr2 since November, having put a lot of miles on the system.

I have been using the ERG mode for all my rides, but it’s getting kind of uninteresting to watch the scenery go by, but the only thing that changes as I go uphill or downhill is the “speed,” not the resistance.

What settings to I need to use so that the resistance changes as the incline changes?  Is it as simple as unchecking the ERG mode box?  And, if so, what settings do I use?

It it’s relevant, I have a calculated FTP in the system.



(Tyler Shannon) #2


Are you using a workout, or are you doing a free ride? 


(Mark de Regt) #3

Either way; I’m not picky.  I assume that a workout must be on ERG mode, though.