Non-Erg Mode Question

(Mark de Regt) #1


I’ve been riding on my Wahoo Kickr2 since November, having put a lot of miles on the system.

I have been using the ERG mode for all my rides, but it’s getting kind of uninteresting to watch the scenery go by, but the only thing that changes as I go uphill or downhill is the “speed,” not the resistance.

What settings to I need to use so that the resistance changes as the incline changes?  Is it as simple as unchecking the ERG mode box?  And, if so, what settings do I use?

It it’s relevant, I have a calculated FTP in the system.



(Nick LaVeaux) #2

Hi Mark,

Yes. It really is that simple. You just go into the settings, found by clicking the Menu button, and then click the checkbox for ERG Mode. You’ll see a “Difficulty” slider which you can adjust to feel the full impact of the gradients, none of it (similar to using a classic trainer), or anywhere in-between. I’d start with 50% and see how you feel about it, then adjust from there. It doesn’t actually make things easier or harder, as an equal amount of effort (watts) still needs to be applied to move you regardless of how you set the difficulty.

Hope that helps!