Two questions - ERG and

Hi !

Im quite new to Zwift and I got two questions:

  1. Ive noticed some riders have some transparent flat thing in front of them. Whats that?

  2. I have Wahoo Kickr trainer. Ive heard and read about ERG and SIM mode. Do I have to toggle ERG mode on/off in the Wahho app or can I do it in the Zwift App?

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1 - it indicates they are doing a workout
2 - yes you will toggle erg mode when using workouts, you can either use erg or not

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Hi @Par_Andersson

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  1. that show that the rider is doing a workout.

  2. ERG and incline mode can only be toggled in a workout. You can do it with the companion app or the onscreen pop-up menu

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In a race, does everyone have incline mode at the same level or whatever they like?

In a Race you will be in Simulation mode and Zwift will simulate the route profile.