ERG mode only in training


It may not be a bug, but I’m not able to select ERG mode when not in training. (or I can’t see how to) It works fine during a training session, but when I finish, I’m back in SIM mode and can’t find a way to put it to ERG mode. Similarly, If I start in Sim mode, I cant go to ERG.

I’m using a mac book pro (using an old apple TV) , android companion app and a Elite Direto X. Using bluetooth to connect the trainer to the PC. (with ANT+ for the HR monitor)

Interestingly some of the “functions” at the bottom of the screen/ companion app do not seem to work either. I can’t wave, turn around… I can however change camera and take pics).

Any help greatly appreciated!


Hi @Mike_Macdonald welcome to the Zwift forum.

ERG only work in workout mode, it help you to keep at a specific target power, while not simulating the terrain differences. I don’t understand why you want ERG when just riding?:blush:

Here are some good info on ERG mode.

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Thanks @Gerrie_Delport - I don’t really need to use it, just thought I could … and then hunted around to try and find how to!

I kinda like the idea of cruising around the sim world manually controlling my power through the trainer and without worrying about shifting… I find my trainer to run’s smoothest in the middle of the cassette.

On reflection, I do understand why it’s not “a thing”… but I’m now thinking if I’d like it to be “a thing”.



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Mike I think if you want to do that you can create a workout and not use ERG but use the incline button in the companion app to change resistance.

If you want to minimize gear changes you can lower the “trainer difficulty” slider.

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Thanks Gerrie - That could work for me. When the day comes when I want to, I’ll give that a go…

Since I’ve started building in Zwifting to my training, my legs have been in a consistent smashed state - I’m loving it!



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if you dont select your trainer as controllable - just as power source - then use a different app to control the power/resistance of your trainer it has the effect you are looking for.


Thanks Chris - Great idea! I could control it through my Garmin.