ERG Mode Missing - Is this still a known problem?

( Fez) #1

Greetings all.

After much trawling through threads I am still trying to find out if the missing ERG mode issue a while back is still a problem.

I have been away from zwift for a few months and my previously working ERG mode no longer works after a game update.

From reading various posts and reply’s from support the ERG mode is supposed to be on by default and is also accessible via the action bar and/or companion app.

I can confirm that it is not on by default for me and that I don’t have the option available in either the action bar or the companion app.

My trainer, which is an Elite Direto is connected via ANT+ FE-C as a controllable trainer and while doing a workout previously would automatically adjust the intensity as required while I maintained my cadence - as I would have expected. That is no longer the case and I have to ramp up through gears/cadence to get to the required wattage.

I have a support ticket open but would be interested to hear if you guys have any input.


(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Fez, in case you haven’t been contacted already by support, is your ERG mode missing from workouts/training plan? There is no ERG mode in Free Ride.

( Fez) #3

Hey Vincent.

Thanks for the advice but I can confirm it doesn’t appear in a workout. Oddly, it is turned on in the prefs.xml file for zwift but it definitely does not work in game.

(Vincent W.) #4

The ERG mode button doesn’t show in the action bar on the bottom of your screen?

If so can you provide a screenshot for us?

( Fez) #5


I don’t know why, but deleting my ANT connections and then re-scanning and selecting them again seemed to do the trick. Bizarre!

Anyway, thanks for your help.

(Christopher Schneck) #6

I had the same problem. I performed a re-calibration of my Kickr which fixed the problem.