Stuck in ERG Mode on Freeride?

Hi, I’ve been using my Direto Elite for circa 4 years on zwift with no issues. In the last week the gradient is not matching the resistance in free ride mode (e.g -6% gradient and huge resistance). I have recalibrated my trainer a few times and contacted Direto support.

However, it almost feels like I am stuck in ERG mode and zwift is trying to keep me at my FTP, anyone had this issue?

As an aside I don’t have the ERG button on the app or companion app.


Hi @Jim_Lafferty_ZHR_D

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We will need to have more information on the system you use how you pair the trainer.

Hi, Thanks for the response. so I use an iPad and connect to my trainer through Bluetooth.

Do pair the trainer as power and controllable?

And just to add. I deleted the app, reinstalled etc. I also downloaded onto my phone to try on there and same issue

Yes both

Try riding in the Elite My-eTraining app instead of in Zwift, as a test. You can manually alter the resistance in there - does that feel like it works properly?

Have you visited the Elite Direto users FB page? Might be worth checking for similar experiences.

I assume you use your trainer’s power meter for Zwift vs a separate one?

Hey @Jim_Lafferty_ZHR_D! Another thing to check is your trainer difficulty. Has that increased from your normal setting?

Hi, yeah I had the elite app open and the resistance goes up and down as requested. Elite support have been good so far and I also sent them a video of a “noise” i noticed when I turn the trainer on

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Hi, yes always on highest setting. I realised something wasn’t right when I was going down a steep hill on zwift (-6 or 7%) and I could hardly turn the pedals without standing up. It’s almost like it wants me to stay at FTP

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Hi, yes will check this out, thanks. And yes I use the trainer as power meter. I’ve had the same setup for circa 4yrs so was hoping it’s a simple software issue. But now thinking it could be a trainer issue