Elite Direto --no resistente feedback

Oh Hi! I’ve seen this issue on another post, but things seems to have resolved spontaneously for that guy.

When I’m riding with the Direto, I get power and cadence feedback, however the resistance doesn’t change along with gradient. I’m also hearing no ‘chatter’ from the Direto (that buzzing noise when the trainer is applying or reducing resistance). My difficulty level is at about 75%. I’m pairing my cadence with the Direto itself. I’m connecting with the ZML.

I’ve tried unplugging the Direto for about 30 seconds. Re-downloaded the E-Trianing app by Elite to see if there was some sort of update on their end + recalibrated. Turned the bluetooth on my phone on/off --same as computer (Mac). I thought maybe it was stuck in that ERG mode, so I started a proper workout and de-selected that tic box --no change there. Reset the Mac App a bunch of times between my efforts. Restarted computer.

Direto was working prior to the recent Zwift update. 

Will try some of the troubleshooting stuff next.

Please help me Zwift… you’re my only hope!

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I am having the same issue, I did a spin down about the same time as the update, so I assumed it was something with the spin down. Just starting to look into how to try and fix it. 

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I’m having the exact same problem. Every time I ride on Zwift there’s an issue with the ERG. The ERG kicks in for a few seconds, then it’s like riding flat. I’ve had the Elite Direto for a couple of weeks- it seems to pair resistance okay with the myEtraining app, but in Zwift drops out all the time. Same with Apple Watch- the bluetooth connection drops all the time…

Hi Adrian! What wattage level do you set your ERG mode to? If it’s too high, I would imagine it would feel uncomfortable. Also, ERG mode won’t change resistance as you hit a hill on Zwift, instead it will adjust resistance on its own based on your workout plan. You might already have known that, but I find a lot of people in group workouts still are confused about ERG mode, or are adjusting their gearing to try to get control over the resistance changes. It just doesn’t work like that.

But my problem had to do with a faulty motherboard. Elite sent another board and I installed it at home. The wait was a little long, but installing it went well and it was fully functional.

I hope this helps, at least a little!

Thanks Steve- much appreciated. I’ve had the ERG set at ‘normal’, and then at around 75%, and again at 100% with no difference. Elite have asked me to take off the side panel and take a video of the internal motor. I guess this will decide one way or another what the problem is, but thanks for your help regardless.

Sorry, maybe I’ve got this wrong (entirely possible!) but when you say what wattage I have the ERG set, I take it you mean the ‘difficulty’? Maybe this something obvious that I’ve somehow missed.

I think you can dial the Direto to provide the resistance required to keep you at a set wattage output. Elite may be able to explain that a bit better. There are difficulty settings on Zwift as well. From what I understand, changing the difficulty settings in Zwift applies to free-rides --it essentially flattens the hills you’ll encounter. I don’t think that difficulty setting applies to ERG mode, which reflects true wattage outputs. So if your workout wants you to put out 200 watts for 10 mins, ERG mode is going to set and constantly adjust the resistance to keep you at (roughly) 200 watts. You ought not to change gears to keep you at that power level. I don’t actually change gears at all in ERG mode.

With that said, if you opened the side panel to the Direto and the resistance motor didn’t do a warm-up run-through when first turned-on, I suspect you have the same problem as I had. Good luck in figuring this out! I think the Direto is going to go a long way in reducing smart trainer prices in the industry --which is great for everyone looking for a better workout in the off season-- but it does have it’s quarks. 

Got my new Direto some days ago and had the same problem: Resistance not changing. I found out that this seems to be a known issue with the Direto when paired via Bluetooth. Seems that the trainer can put itself in a “bad state”, in which case you have to unplug it for a few minutes before plugging it back in. This seems to reset the trainer and clears out anything that might have been “off”.

I did so, and before plugging the Direto back, I turned off Bluetooth on my mobile phone. Then I started Zwift and re-newed the ANT+ pairings (three times FE-C). And it works, finally there is resistance in the climbs!

Then I tested what happens if I turn Bluetooth again on from my mobile phone . I could immediately hear two short clicks from the Direto, and resistance was gone. To get it back, I had to unplug the Direto for some minutes again…

Maybe this information could be helpful - sorry if this should be already well known. Ride on everybody!


The only time I’ve had an issue like this is when I attempted to calibrate the Direto (using Elite’s app on my iPhone) *while* I was already riding in Zwift (connected via ANT+ to PC).

Everything was working fine pre-spindown, but after doing it - there was no increase in resistance on the hills.

I exited my ride, cycled power on the trainer (using switch on the power strip I plug into), re-calibrated, and then launched Zwift. All was normal again. 


Hey Joe! That occurs pretty commonly when you have two bluetooth apps trying to ‘talk’ to one device at the same time. But I did the same thing as you: Calibrate on the E-Training app, and then just use Zwift for the rest fo the time. 

Also, for Marcello, I also find that when I try to use my phone’s Bluetooth preferences and add the Direto to my device list, it tweaks things out a bit. I’ve had pretty smooth sailing since I just started relying on Zwift Mobile Link the whole time --although I have had some drop problems, but not a consistent problem. 

I had the same issue. 
My resistance stopped working all of sudden last week. 

I thought it was the DIRETO. I reached out to Elite support  AND read this post. 
The DIRETO checks out as working  so following   Marcello Gottardo PACK  advice: 

I started Zwift and re-newed the ANT+ pairings (three times FE-C). And it works, finally there is  resistance in the climbs!I 

The resistance is back!