Elite Direto XR: Resistance Issues with Zwift

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing resistance issues when using Zwift. I am using the trainer and Zwift since Jan/21 and it was working perfectly. In the last month after some updates I started to notice some issues: 1) sometimes it is hard to start pedalling due to a very high resistance, 2) high and unreal resistance on flats, 3) Random lack of synchronization, so the trainer doesn’t reflect the gradient in the screen, 4) High resistance when in decents.

In many cases as you keep trying the problem disappear or sometimes I turn of the trainer and try again.

I see the step motor working when I turn on the trainer and yesterday I used Elite App to ride varying the resistance level from 1 to 16 and I noticed that it seemed to be working perfectly.

Please, is there any reports about similar issues in the last weeks. Could it be a trainer problem, even though the evidences tell me it is not? I am using windows 10 since when I bought the trainer. The trainer is connected through ANT but the problem also happens in BLE.

Thanks for your attention.


Welcome to the forum.

When using ANT+ you should use the ANT+ FE-c profile.

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That is exactly what I use since day#1 without any issues but I noticed that after some Zwift updates the problem has started. Thanks for the welcome.

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