Current Issues with Elite Direto Trainers

(Vincent) #1

Hey Zwifters,

We have received multiple reports of a variety of issues with the Elite Direto trainer. These issues include: lack of resistance, fluctuations in power readings, long delays in resistance adjustment. If you’re experiencing these issues please submit a support inquiry. Thank you for your patience!

(Nico) #2


I am one of the users experiencing issues. My symptoms are:

  • From Nov (when I started using Zwift) till early December everything worked fine - resistance increased and decreased as expected with the slope and was generally in the right ball park
  • After a break of a couple of weeks where I didn’t use Zwift, I had very low resistance: I would spin out on the flat, 52-11 would yield about 280w at 100rpm (I am 90kg and relatively fit, so have relatively “big” watts). I think that Zwift updated between those two times.
  • Of late, I have had the problem that resistance is extremely high and and pulsating. Even on the flat, it is impossible to maintain a relatively constant power, as the resistance increases and decreases. It is also so high that I need to use the small ring on the flat. On terrain changes, the resistance changes in strange ways: e.g., when starting riding in NYC on the central park loop, the resistance will suddenly release extremely, following by an increase to what feels like max resistance.

As a result, I have been disconnecting the trainer from Zwift and have been using a constant resistance, controlled by my Wahoo Elemnt.

Connection profile in November (which worked):

  • Controllable trainer: FE-C xxxxxx (the Elite Direto)
  • Power: power2max power meter (I had used both the power2max and the Elite interchangeably, but decided to use the power meter to ensure consistent power)
  • Cadence: power2max
  • All connections in ANT+

In January, I once briefly managed to get the setup to work as I would expect, with Controllable trainer, cadence, and power all set to the FE-C profile. When I turned on my Wahoo that broke the connection and I lost resistance. Turning off the Wahoo, turning off the Direto and reconnecting to Zwift both didn’t solve the issue.

Thanks for help.

(Piotr) #3

I bought Direto on the beginning of November last year. Since then I had:

  • 4-5 times I lost connection during the ride for ~10s - no signal in zwift, bluetooth connection.
  • I also have feeling with pulsating resistance. I can feel how trainer increase resistance for a 1-3s and then release it for another 1-3s. Cadence is constant. For me looks like a problem with ERG mode algorithm.
  • a small lag between what I see and what I feel. I think when I started using zwift and direto responsiveness what almost immediately, but now I feel lag ~3s.

(fabrizio) #4

Hi have the same problem of Piotr, but the major problem for me is the ERG mode very lag and not responsive of watt requested, the watt oscillating a lot during workout.

(Nico) #5

I tried a bit more yesterday. Some updates:

  • For the first time, I got the option to do a spin down calibration. This was when I only connected the FE-C profile under trainer and Zwift automatically filled in cadence and power. When I tried to perform the spin down, it was impossible: even sprinting in 52-11 Zwift only registered 3kph. It seems there is some issue with the wheel circumference. Wheel circumference is set to 173 in Elite My-E-Training, for some reason the trainer seems to need that.
  • Even before riding in Zwift, the trainer resistance starts pulsing. Weirdly, the pulsing continues when I disconnect the trainer from Zwift. It only stops when I switch my Wahoo from “passive” to “level” mode and change level: then the trainer behaves correctly again.

(Chris) #6

Bought mine in November. Configured ANT+ with controllable, cadence, and power through FE-C connection to PC.

I am almost guaranteed a connection drop of 3-5 seconds every single ride. I also experience the fluctuating power and resistance throughout every ride. At this point, I’m just excited if the only issue I have is the 3-5 second drop. I’ll submit an inquiry next time I’m online.

(Nico) #7

@Chris_Arrington_CHP - that’s odd to hear, I don’t get any drops. Can you share your setup?

In case of drops, what can help sometimes:

  • Minimizing the distance between the receiver and the trainer
  • Making sure no fans or other electrical equipment is in the way (the electric fields can interfere at times)
  • Checking the hardware - e.g., is your ANT receiver in good condition and that your USB port is working well
  • Seeing if there are other strong sources of radio waves in the room or close-by (Wifi, etc.)

Good luck with solving that!

(Gary) #8

The only issue I have with the Direto and Zwift is the slow response to change resistance. There is about a 2-3 second lag between the gradient changing in the game and the resistance changing on the Direto. Really noticeable when climbing out of the subway in London where it hits 15% quickly and flattens out quickly at the top. I always connect with Ant+ FE-C using a USB extension cable to my laptop. I don’t have any signal dropouts.

(Chris) #9


Elite Direto II, purchased in December actually.

Windows 7 (updated) via USB ANT+. Extension cable drops it right next to the trainer body. WiFi router is on a different floor, and my fan is off the front of the bike. Single and cable bought brand new after disliking linking through the companion app.

I’ll go back through my last 10 rides when I get home and get a hard count of drops. I also run my Garmin HRM off of the ANT+ dongle, so I’ll check to see if that drops too.

(Nico) #10

Checking the HR for drops is a great idea.

If you can, I would also try either connecting through BT to see if it makes a difference, or trying a different computer, if possible, just to see if symptoms change. For example, my resistance issues stayed the same when I tried with a Zwift install on a Mac, instead of my usual Windows computer.

(Chris) #11

I have less problems when I connect all “sensors” to either my phone/iPad OR my PC. It’s when it’s mixed that it boogers up. I opted for PC because I want my HR to be used without having to buy another HRM.

Once to TdZ is over, I’ll do a joy ride connected to my iPad to see how resistance goes.

(Aleksander) #12

I only haveproblems on flats/descends in group/free ride modes with the Direto spinning out at about 250W. This is doubly annoying (it’s super loud and obviously caps my ability to sprint or keep the pace of a group), however as soon as I hit a climb, normal (reasonable) resistance engages. ERG mode works fine with no issues whatsoever (compared to December). Hope this will be fixed soon cause I love group rides but right now they are impossible to do for me due to excessive noise + having to keep up very high cadence to keep up with the group

(Nico) #13

@Aleksander_Marek - can you share your setup? Have you connected any other sensors, such as HR, power meter, or cadence?


(Aleksander) #14

I’m using a laptop with windows 10 and ANT+ dongle; Garmin HRM-tri through ANT+, Assioma Uno as the source for power and cadence (ANT+) and Direto FE-C as controllable (ANT+ as well). I’ve reinstalled Zwift last week and it didn’t solve the problem.

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #15

One of the problems with direto (and generally elite direct drive trainers) is lag. It is due to the way they change resistance but they have solved with Drivo 2.

I’ve asked this many times, without response. Jon Mayfiled said that for some trainers zwift anticipate resistance change but i don’t know if this has been done with direto.

Could u please answer me?

(Nicholas) #16

Trainer direto

Device Apple TV 4th gen most up to date iOS. (Bluetooth)


  1. Resistance not working correctly in Zwift. Specifically can be spinning at 110 rpm in 50/11 gear on section of road that’s 0% grade and only generate 80 watts. resistance may go up on uphills but is not consistent and often drops. This started after January 16th. I did not have issues for a year prior to that.

  2. ERG mode adjusts resistance but my reported power is much less than what I am actually putting out. I do not have another power meter but I can hold 260 watts for 30 minutes without much trouble (FPT is around 280). workout/ ERG mode on zwift this is difficult to do at 200-220 watts.

…Attempted fixes…

Reinstalling Zwift

Resetting Apple TV to factory presets and reinstalling Zwift

Trying a second Apple TV

Calibrating trainer multiple times

Turning off all other Bluetooth devices in my home.

Putting Apple TV within 2 feet of trainer

…Additional observations…

Trainer pairs as both power and controllable without difficulty.
bluetooth connection light on direto seems to consistently be functioning normally. (blinking when not on zwift, solid when starting zwift)

Speed reported in trainerroad app all the sudden is really small around 0.7 mph, and power also feels off in that application

Step mode works via MyETraining app over Bluetooth

Changing wheel circumference in MyETraining app doesn’t seem to impact Zwift or trainerroad.

Of note I have filed 3 support tickets with zwift over last week and have yet to get a response from a person.

Also of note I am beginning to suspect my issue may be hardware related as I recently have discovered the reported power output from the trainer seems much less than the actual effort I have to put in pedaling, and this is occurring across multiple platforms (trainerroad, zwift workout mode and MyEtraining application). I will update post when I hear a response from Elite regarding this concern.

(Kevin) #17

Unfortunately I’m another user who has experienced the same this evening.

All of a sudden it’s like no resistance at all then it kicks in a little later again. It then repeats like that.

(Nicholas) #18


Using wahoo elemnt over ant+ to control trainer and syncing direto with Zwift as power meter only it seemed my power numbers were accurate again I n Zwift suggesting software issue. No response yet from elite or Zwift

(Ethan) #19

Have you tried changing wheel circumference on Elite My-E-Training App to 2070? I had mine set as 175 as it was suggested on the user manual. It worked fine in the beginning, but since the latest Zwift update, I was having issue with resistance on uphill or ERG mode (resistance will increase for 1~2 sec, then it releases repeatedly). I contacted Elite and they suggested me to change wheel circumference to 2070 and now my resistance is consistent both on uphill and ERG mode.

Only issue I have now is my power reading is ~20W lower than Stages gen 2 power meter…

(Hans) #20

Have no such problems here.
As late as last night, I raced stage 9 of TDZ had plenty of resistance and it adjusted as it should all the way. My setup is Apple TV, Elite Direto V.2. and Quarq DZero power meter.
Is the problem ANT+ related? I guess the fix should be on Zwift side, as no software has been updated on Direto. Do you all remember to pair to FE-C?
Regards Hans