Problems since update with my Elite Direto :(

Anyone else with an Elite Direto having problems since the Zwift update a few days ago? Basically, in my big ring, smallest gear on the flat I’m spinning super high Rpm and it’s taking everything in me to get my watts above about 100. It also seems as you gain speed you kind of spin out and run out of gears then start slowing down and losing wattage, on the flats no less. It’s also lagging even more than normal on smaller hills of less than about 6% gradient. When I hit a hill now, some times it just makes me end up going super slow and the only way to kick in the correct resistance for the gradient is to put it in the big ring and spin really high RPM for a few seconds… I wasn’t able to finish the Ride London today because of this, it took me over an hour and a half to go 12 miles… Usually it would take half that time with far less trouble or effort. Also the other day on a group ride I was either being spit off the front or out the back. When I tried to get into the Peloton and hold a wattage they either shifted forwards or backwards and watts could not be held consistent no matter how hard I tried.

Seems this only started since the update the other day… Looks like some people had this exact issue a little less than a year ago here:

Hey Selh! I have a Direto and I haven’t had any issues since the update, but shortly after I got the trainer I experienced some of the same issues you’ve described and I asked for help from riders on a group ride. Someone suggested I make sure to turn off power to my trainer after every session, and surprisingly, it’s been working like a charm ever since. Seems simple, but I thought I’d mention it.

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Heya, Sophie! Sorry for my incredibly late reply :frowning:

Turns out it was a problem with my Direto… After 2 weeks of going back and forth with Elite and doing tests for them, they said it “should” be the circuit board. They said they would send me a new one… Just as soon as the “Italian Holidays” were over, on August 26th… This was almost 2 weeks ago, still another week… Just to get sent a part… All this time I’ve missed on Zwift. Weather has been horrible here lately too, very hard to ride outside… Super discouraging. The Zwift folks have been super helpful, Elite however… :frowning:

That sucks, Selh. I was wondering why I hadn’t “seen” you on Zwift lately. Hopefully it IS the circuit board, so when you get the part, the trainer will work like a charm and you’ll be back to Zwifting! What a bummer of a summer for you; I hope your luck turns soon.

Hi. Was wondering if the new circuit board fixed the issue. I have similar and currently have a dialogue open with elite. So far I have tested my trainer on MyEtraining on level mode and it works. In zwift however it’s a different story.

I was wondering if the problem was solved.
I still have low resistance when I ride in zwift. Everything is updated and the resistance in my etraining from elite works fine.

Hi Stan

No I still have the issues with resistance falling away on flat and fluctuates in and out on gradients with direto and zwift. Have tried android and iOS with no difference in behaviour. Elite are slow to respond to my open ticket on the subject. But it must be the trainer as my neighbour has exactly the same setup and it works fine. Have you contacted Elite?

Yes I contacted Elite but no response on my second question (connection with Zwift ). I think it’s a Zwift problem because the training modus in Zwift works fine and also the Elite program works fine. The problem I experience is when I just want to ride routes in Zwift. Then there is way too low resistance. What I also noticed was that the Calibration in Zwift doesn’t work as expected . It says ride up to 35km.h and it stops with only 7 . It’s impossible to reach 35 km.h an hour.

Interesting theory. I’m still not sure why my neighbour gets normal performance from his direto in zwift in workouts and normal watopia riding.
Elite have just given me a new issue number rather than acknowledging my previous communications. Watch this space eh?

Hi @Andy_White_BCCC.

What bike and gear ratio do you have on the trainer? Also did you adjust the trainer difficulty slider to max/min and see if it improve.

Hi Gerrie

I have a carbon road bike with a compact group set. On the flat when the resistance falls, I can be 120rpm in 50/11 with 60W only. I have tried min to max trainer difficulty and 3sec or instant power in zwift with no affect. In elite I have tried 173 and 2070 wheel circuit, and power smoothing from 2 to 6 again no change. Recalibrated in elite app numerous times. Will try a zwift calibration tonight if I can work out how to.



Hi, andy this is not a new problem with Elite. I have a 2010 Elite realxaiom smart trainer with the same issue.

I don’t know if this is applicable to your trainer but here goes, Elite uses/used manual calibration values to set the trainer difficulty they call it P1-P3 values, these are adjustable in the trainer firmware (not in mine it is to old)

I also remember that the belt setting may influence accuracy.

It seem like there is a lot of chatter on the Elite site.

Hi Gerrie. Not come across those parameters before but will investigate further. Thanks for the tip. I have resisted changing the belt tension as my coast down is very close to the factory value and there is a tamper evident label covering the access hole. I don’t want to give elite an excuse to say I have created a problem myself. Thanks again.


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I have more resistance.
What should be the resistance WATT
If you ride 50-11 on 110 rpm?

Try it in MyEtraining app if this is working. Guess is it’s not possible as it should mimic riding outdoors. For me the middle cog on the rear with the big ring is 20mph with a cadence of around 80 to 90 rpm and it feels like nearly 200W. Sorry but I don’t have a power meter on my bike, only the direto.

That is all dependant on the trainer.

So at 110rpm 50-11 your wheel is traveling at about 60km/h.

so this trainer is about 400W

this one is about 3500w

I renewed my Elite account €19,99 and did a new install and suddenly it worked. But now also the Zwift calibration went over the 30 km per hour.

Hi Stan

Did you recalibrate in MyEtraining or Zwift. Is it all good for you now?

Hi Gerrie

Where are the curves from? Direto one would be interesting to compare.



Hi Andy,

I just found random indoor trainer power curves on google. I dont think there are curves like that for newer controllable trainers.