Problems since update with my Elite Direto :(

Thanks Gerrie.

I did calibrate both.

Hi Stan. I tried to calibrate in both MyEtraining and zwift. The MyEtraining went fine, however I can’t get past 4mph in zwift so the calibration doesn’t complete properly. I tried 173 and 2070 in the tyre size and restarted the trainer and app to make sure everything had a fresh start. Still not working on zwift. Have I missed something?

@Andy_White_BCCC @Stan3647_Backus Any news about it? I have the same issue with Elite Direto: no resistance on flat routes. Also with a high cadence, very low power. Thank you

Elite concluded that they were unable to work out what the problem was with the trainer even after I had proved that the issue was not dur to zwift as it could be reproduced with the elite app. My direto now sits in a corner of the garage and I have a tacx neo that has been perfect. Sorry I can’t give you better news, and my views on Elite customer support is not very positive.

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It’s a long story.
First of all I contacted Elite and they send me a procedure to tighten the belt and install some new software.
But meanwhile I also contacted the store where I bought the elite.
Some days later the resistance was gone. After I opened the elite it seems the belt broke. Elite send me a new belt with procedure but I chose to return the Elite to the store and claimed guarantee. They couldn’t fix it so they send me a complete new elite X😎

@Andy_White_BCCC @Stan3647_Backus thank you very much for the replays! I have no issues with the belt, it works fine in ERG mode and on the uphills too, only problems with the flat routes.
With Direto X are the resistance problems disappeared?

No problems at All.

I think it is a Zwift problem too. I experienced that on my computrainer from the beginning with Zwift. Zwift is supposed to signal to your device and increase the wattage but doesnt on some steep climbs. I seen the problem occurring when there alot of riders going up a climb, I believe their serviers are overloading and giving us that symptom of throttling the power too low or not controlling the smart trainer.