ERG Workout on Elite Direto XR suddenly far too hard

Update: after a month-long and slightly frustrating process with the people at Elite they told me there was no detactable fault. However the problem is clearly there, and it occurs not only with Zwift but with different apps including their own, and using multiple devices as well.

So they conclude it must be the trainer at fault after all, and I’m getting a new one under warranty.

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Thanks for sharing the update! Good news for you, and hopefully for us. Would you be so kind to share your case number with Elite? This would allow them to connect the dots when I (we) contact them. I will tell them that I would like a swap too.

My experience with them was far from smooth, it took me a month to convince them of what seemed obvious to me from the beginning.

To get there as soon as possible, be ready to show them:

  • that the problem occurs on both zwift and their own myE-training app
  • that the problem occurs on multiple devices (tablet and laptop, or appletv for example)
  • that the calibration is okay and the power is verified by an external power meter

They will need fit/tcx files and the trainer diagnostics from those sessions, but they can explain how to get them.

They might send you a json configuration file that didn’t do anything for me, but after the above that was the only thing they could try.

Good luck all, I hope you’ll get there without the frustration I had

Another grumpy Direto XR-T owner here :unamused: Whether it be a workout in ERG mode or a free ride the resistance way to high and all over the place. A Z2 ride for myself is 216-256w and normally with a HR of 120BPM. Now it’s 140BPM and feels like am riding through molasses. Still waiting to hear back from Elite Support as they appear to be on Christmas holidays still.

Hello all,

I’ve become aware of this issue with Direto XR trainers. It’s unclear what is causing it at this time. If the problem also occurs outside of Zwift, it may be difficult to find the root cause from our end. I will track this issue and keep you updated regarding any changes on our end. In the meantime, please update in this thread or contact support if you notice anything changes.

The current workaround for this issue seems to be turning ERG off then back on during your workout. This can be done in Zwift companion, or in the action bar at the bottom of the screen in Zwift.

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Hi all,

The issue of resistance significantly above target wattage in ERG mode and, in some instances affecting sim mode with the Direto XR, has been found to be dust/lint and dried grease on the motor screw

This causes the motor to stutter and stick when adjusting the resistance magnets, therefore not positioning correctly for target resistance.


Contact Elite tech support to report issue and for authorization to perform cleaning procedure of motor screw;

They will send you instructions on the cleaning procedure and motor manipulation using the My e-training app.

Remove side cover and left side cowling to get full access to motor cradle assembly. Using a toothbrush, carefully and gently clean motor screw with a light degreaser and ensure ALL dust/lint and old grease has been removed. Wipe dry.

See attached image of before and after cleaning

Re lubricate with Vaseline grease (Elite’s recommendation) and using the Elite my-e training app, run the motor at least a dozen times up and down the full range to distribute lubrication.

Motor will now run smoothly and position magnets accurately for correct resistance.

Anyone interested in case details and how I got to this point, continue reading

November 2022

I noticed a significant difference between the target wattage the workout is asking for and the wattage trainer was making me do.

For example, the workout would be asking for 200w, but the trainer would have me at 280+ at low cadence and still be asking me to reduce power. The problem was unpredictable and sporadic but very noticeable.

Contacted Zwift about the problem and case opened. Did several test rides highlighting problems. Sent log files to them and had them check everything on their end.

Dec 2022

While waiting for Zwift to run their checks, I contacted Elite tech support (Sonia) and opened a case. Did all basic checks, calibration, offset value, sent eprom data, videoed motor movement and all were ok.

Did custom workouts on their my-etraining app to replicate problem and sent csv files for their analysis.

They determined the board could be issue, and they sent me a new board.

Feb 2023

I got the new board and installed it. The problem was not resolved. I concluded it had to be firmware and requested a firmware downgrade. Elite sent me ver73 to try. This didn’t work and Elite suggested a replacement trainer.

Mar 2023

Before opting for replacement, I decided to check motor movements again. This time, I noticed a section along the screw where the motor was stuttering and sticking. This was not caught in earlier checks as the problem was more sporadic at the time.

I made a video and sent it to Elite for their advice. They recommended thoroughly cleaning and re lubrication of motor screw.

I did as instructed, and all is working perfectly now.

I did a couple of test rides and workouts, and so far, resistance is perfectly on point.

I will continue to do test rides and will be reporting back to Zwift and Elite the fix and to close cases.


Big thanks the OP, saved me lots of time and effort.

I’ve had the same issues today, took the same actions and it appears to be fixed.


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thanks for sharing your odyssey.

I am running through this last few weeks too With DiretoXR bought in Nov-2020 so 2 years and 2 months - means out of warranty return possibility.

sent log files, csv with training profile of MytrainerApp, Motor movement, belt tensions (max. +/- 1 Offset), etc. => no issue found.
My hint downgrading Firmware and upgrading to check if it’s a SW-bug or calibration was rejected by Elite Support and Board exchange was also not mentioned.
Waiting now since one week if Elite can do something on goodwill.

I will try this tip cleaning motor-screw and lubricate again, sound possible :wink: Thanks for sharing. I will report if it helped in my situation.


p.s. and only ERG-mode affected, rest works fine using DiretoXR with FirmWare 078, AppleTV(Gen4) and Zwift. All always up to date.

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Is it possible to have your video ?

I have exactly the same problem but i don t find the solution and my warranty is over (of course)


For some reason I can’t post an external link.
Google the following search term and it will be the first result.
“Elite Resistance Check On Interactive Trainers”
Select your trainer and follow the instructions to check motor screw. Clean and re-lubricate if necessary.

Thanks to @_Hadi_oh_papayo

Cleaning E-Motor threaded shaft with isopropanol and putting new grease fixed the issue with my DiretoXR.
Now I had 3 sessions with ERG-mode running perfect.

@Renaud_Demarthe: just open 4 screws and remove cover to get access to E-Motor
Elite has a guide on their official HomePage-Support: search for “Cleaning the motor screw thread”

Sad but true, no reply from my Elite-Support contact even when they asked for my buying receipt from local dealer since 3 weeks… No reaction :frowning:


Thanks for the tips, I was able to get my HT back.
I cleaned the screw well and since then it runs like a clock

:heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Hi all,

Posting an update on the trainer fix I posted on March 10th 2023.
It’s been about 6 weeks since the fix was implemented. A couple dozen erg sessions later and all is still working perfectly.
The issue has been fully resolved without any reoccurrence.


I had same issue (and almost bought new trainer) - yesterday I implemented your fix and it looks like it works!

Big thank you!

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Hi BIG THANKS for posting the solution. This problem has been a real pain for me for months now and thanks to you I have been able to solve it. Elite also replaced main board (it did need replacement) but they never thought about this root cause. Kudos toy you mate.


Since the last update I have experienced issues with structured training in Erg mode with my Elite Direto XR.

The issue starts immediately during warmup. The trainer is simply not dropping the resistance, so where my target would be 135W, at a sensible cadence I am running say 250W or higher. Previously in ERG mode the resistance would drop to allow me to maintain cadence. In my recent two workouts this has not happened. I tried toggling Erg mode on/off through companion app and nothing.

This time around I stopped pedalling, to get the auto erg mode disable. Then started pedalling again to re-engage erg mode. Did this a couple of times and finally managed to get Erg mode to engage correctly. Note this is not the spiral of death - I am always well over the target power and simply not getting the trainer to drop resistance to allow me to hold a sensible cadence.


I am having the same exact problem with my Direto XR. I am running zwift on an android 13 device with trainer and hrm connected via bluetooth. I have reported problem to zwift support and they are looking into it. If you find a solution please let me know. Thanks!

I came back after a break and I am having the same problem. After riding for some time (usually warmup), I have to overshoot the target power by a large margin to be able to maintain a sensible cadence (e.g. target 160w, must maintain 200w). I am also using Elite Direto XR, and running Zwift on gaming laptop (windows 11) connected to the trainer via bluetooth.


I have the exact same problem
I’m no longer able to follow a training in ERG mode anymore.

the trainer (direto XR with last firmware) is working fine with other applications like traineroad

Can you please fix it ?
Thank you

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I am having the same issue with an Elite Drivo. First noticed on 9th Jan (1.32.1) - though I hadn’t done an erg mode workout for a while, and it’s happened again this evening (1.33.3) so I don’t think it’s the 1.33 issue that other people have had.
Erg mode works fine in Perfpro so I’m assuming it’s something Zwift has changed. The issue I find is that it behaves largely like a dumb trainer - ie I have to change to a low gear to get a low enough power during the “rest” intervals, and then change up a gear during the “on” intervals. It does seem to be doing something though - during long periods at one power level it seems to hold more accurately than I’d expect would happen in incline mode.
I’m connecting via ANT+ FE-C

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