Elite Direto Resistance Does Not Hold After The Latest Update

Hello All,

This is my first post to this forum, so please guide me if I am posting anything against the forum’s rule.

I recently purchased new Elite Direto and was using it for the Tour de Zwift, without any problem (beside it was reading power slightly less than my Stages power meter). However, since the latest update (where they added Watopia as everyday course with additional rotating world to ride) the resistance does not hold while I am on uphill or on ERG mode. When I am going up hill, the resistance will start to increase, then after 1 or 2 seconds, it releases the resistance. Then it increases the resistance and releases repeatedly. Same issue occurs on ERG mode. When I am holding at 250W, the resistance fluctuates ± 40W and if I reduce the cadence, it will increase the resistance, but drops 1 or 2 seconds after, making very difficult to get back to target wattage. I don’t think it is a signal drop because the power is shown even when the resistance drops.

Not sure if this is just me or if anyone else is having similar issue. I tried Elite’s software and it holds the resistance fine on there. I’ve tried re-starting both Direto and my computer, even re-installing Zwift on my computer but neither helped. Of course I calibrated my trainer and no luck there as well. I am using ANT+ dongle and it is connected via FE-C.

If anybody experience similar issue and solved their problem, any advice will be very much appreciated.

Thank you all and ride on!

I also have a Dorito. I got on to ride last Thursday after the update and the cadence was all over the place. Even to the point that the higher my cadence the lower it dropped. I am jumping back on now to see if this was an isolated incident. I’ll check back in if I’m still having issues.

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Hey James, thanks for sharing. Are you using cadence sensor from the Direto? I have separate cadence sensor so haven’t experienced any cadence drop/jump. Is your resistance holding correctly??


I guess I was the only one having this issue with Direto, but still wanted to leave my solution in case anybody gets same issue as mine in the future.

I contacted the Elite support and they suggest me to set wheel circumference to 2070 and this solved my problem. I initially had it as 175 as this was what the user manual that came with Direto suggested. I guess they’ve updated the software to give more realistic number.

Thats all! Ride ON!