Calling All Elite Direto Zwifters


After a recent thunderstorm my Direto will not maintain power. I was able to disconnect the trainer during the midst of the storm before any power outages, but am concerned it may have fallen victim to some sort of power surge. When I power it up I can here the motors running inside the trainer, but when I ride the resistance won’t load up like it should - no resistance on hills, and ERG mode will not work.

I went ahead and tried to recalibrate with the Elite companion app. My offset is around 6700 and the power smoothing is set to 2. Does that sound right? Can anyone think of any other diagnostic or check to make? Like I said nothing changed with my set up other than powering that thing down.

Hopefully somebody has some good news and point me in the right direction!



Is the trainer working with the Elite companion app? If your Direto is working fine on there I would advise you send in a support ticket to get some in depth help. Make sure to include your log files in the ticket! 

Hi Adam May not be the storm i also have this trainer but not using in any recent storm. However last night I did notice that the resistance will not work. It worked fine last week.

I was only person who had issues although not sure if others were on direto.

Frustratingly Zwift stubbornly has not added the calibration of this trainer to the software despite users now requesting for over 12 months and it being one of the highest selling trainers on the market.

Hey Matthew, if you haven’t already I’d advise you send in a support ticket. We’ll be able to get a better look at your trainer trouble. :)