ERG mode issue

I recently upgraded to a Kickr (previously had the Kickr Snap) and want to recreate the set-up I had on the Kickr, resistance increasing as you go up hills and decreasing when you descend…

The resistance seems to be the same all the time with the Kickr uphill or down, I stay in the same gear but the speed just reduces as you climb.

I think this is down to the ERG mode but I can’t see how you remove… looking at articles it says that you just toggle off and on in the pop-up screen in Zwift but I don’t have this functionality, I’ve tried both Apple TV and my iPad but same issue. I’ve gone into the settings and seen that you can remove in training sessions within Zwift but I just want it off when riding… Also gone into all Wahoo apps to try and resolve…

Any support would be appreciated!


Hi @J_J_Humphreys, are you connecting the new trainer as controllable on the Zwift pairing screen?

There are some settings in the wahoo app as well that you should double check, I don’t remember exactly what they are but they have to do with ERG mode.

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Hi Mike,

Yes, it’s on the controllable setting on the start-up screen. I’ve checked a load of videos / guides but no-one mentions the ERG setting.

Thanks anyway, I’ll persevere!

IIRC the erg mode/slope mode should only come into play when doing workouts. When just riding around it should just act normal. If not then maybe it’s not paired as controllable.

Thanks. It’s working fine now, think I had too many Wahoo apps open.