KICKR mode option

(K I.C.K.R_Kevin) #1

Would it be possible to have an option to switch the KICKR from simulation mode to resistance/erg mode. eg: not have the resistance get harder/easier on the hills but instead act more like a power meter on a dumb trainer.
As in this mode I could follow my interval training plan but use the onscreen graphics to keep me entertained.

(Allan Watkins) #2

I use my phone to do it currently, when you switch back to sim mode it will adjust back into proper hill resistance etc… since the game uses the same “sim signal”. I’ve spent the past couple weeks in erg mode lately since my coach is getting a little more strict with me when I’m doing endurance work, apparently I was having too much fun trying to grab jerseys, lose them, take them back lol.

(Greg Taylor (Team JFT)) #3

Not sure i you have a power meter on your bike but if I have Zwift paired to my Quarq (vs. the KICKR) then you end up with the kicker being in resistance/erg (and not controlled by Zwift) At least this is my experience so far… it’s my way of choosing which mode I want to ride in

(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #4

Anybody try this lately?  I used my phone to go into ERG mode for a while but then wanted to revert to normal Zwift control mode.  It never reverted so I was stuck in the last setting from Wahoo Fitness’s app.  

What is supposed to happen when you close the Wahoo Fitness app on the phone?

(Tyrone Tyranovich SCG) #5

What if you unpair the kickr as a controlled trainer (don’t remember the exact wording)?  I haven’t tried this, but in my mind this is how it should work.

(Michael Henasey) #6

if you use the Wahoo Fitness App to override the KICKR and switch to ERG mode, when you want to go back to allowing Zwift to control the KICKR, be sure to set the KICKR back to SIM mode using the Wahoo Fitness App. then you can exit the Wahoo Fitness App.

(Andreas Schoenherr WBR B) #7

I’m also having trouble with this especially with the Kickr2… whenever I used Trainerroad I’m back in Ergo Mode in Zwift… and vice versa… really bad. It would be great to have a switch in Zwift to move this… thanks!!