Kickr Snap drops out of SIM mode during Watopia ride

(Peter McIntyre - ZBR) #1

The Kickr feedback feature from Zwift (SIM, not ERG mode, right?) starts out fine on a ride and then it stops working and the Kickr just acts like a regular Trainer (except way low resistance where I can only muster about 200W at a bazillion RPM).

The ERG mode during a workout is fine.  Except if I let the power drop to ZERO watts for a short while (or is it let my speed go to zero mph?), the Kickr similarly reverts to Trainer mode until I encounter the next “portal” of the Workout Mode.

Zwift is kinda the whole reason I bought a Kickr!

(C Fuller) #2

i noticed the same thing in workout mode just now, dropping out of ERG when paused, then back in at the next gate. there really should be a fix for this (or at least a way to reset the ride back into the correct mode)

(j m. (mgcc)) #3

I have a new Kickr (not a snap) and have not had an issue with it stopping SIM mode.  I have not done a lot of rides yet but think have not heard this to be an issue often.  Did you update the the latest firmware on the Kickr?

Workout, this is by design so that it the segment is to hard to can stop and get out of Erg mode.  It then resets as you know at the next portal.

They is another Feature request to allow this to be a setting that you could turn on and off or at the very least reset it (like you mentioned).

(C Fuller) #4

just updated the firmware yesterday…and the software is intended to kick a rider out of ERG mode if they pause, they darn well tootin’ better give that rider the ability to get back into ERG mode. 

(Christopherunlocks Bolton (Clydesdale)) #5

This happened to me last night, through when it went into regular trainer mode at 90RPM I was sitting at over 300watts (ouch). I was doing an interval workout though, and only managed to get it to go back to normal feedback/EGR mode by swiping through the last 2 intervals of the workout. Once the workout was “done” it went back to normal.