KICKR Snap / workouts - no ERG mode, not enough resistance

(Anna Levine) #1

Pretty new to this.  Using KICKR Snap & Powertap (hub).  SIM mode works fine when JRA.  ERG mode works fine in TrainerRoad.

I’ve done two Zwift workouts now, it doesn’t appear that the KICKR is going into ERG mode at all, I have to shift gears to create more resistance just like on a dumb trainer, and I ran out of gears just doing Tempo.  I even increased the trainer level to 8 to try to get more resistance, but it didn’t make a difference.

Is there a way in Zwift to ensure that the trainer is in ERG mode?

(Anna Levine) #2

OK I figured this out from another post.  In case anyone else is having this issue - I needed to have the KICKR set up as the Power source, not the Powertap. 

(Andrew Seitz) #3

So you have to un-pair your power meter and only use the trainer? Damn… This stinks because my trainer reads low on power.