Wahoo Kickr Snap Resistance Spike

So I have a similar, but I believe different issue than others are having with the Kickr Snap in ERG mode, while training.  I have done Advanced and regular spindows, however, whenever I enter training (free rides and races are unaffected) I can be going along at a very consistant power output and cadence, then all of a sudden, it feels like sombody but on the breaks, and trainer becomes VERY difficult to pedal for just a fraction of a second, whcih stops my momentum. 

If I do a  screen capture, the power graph shows a dip to ZERO beofre it recovers again.  Unfortuantely, I cant always recover my power and cadance fast enough, so the trainer drops out of ERG mode which is also quite annoying.

I have this exact same issue with my Kickr in Zwift, but in free rides and races. I’ve not actually tried in ERG mode on Zwift, but I contacted Wahoo support and ran a test in ERG mode in the Wahoo Fitness app; no problems.

I submitted a ticket to Zwift, but no reply.

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I too, have sometimes felt the very high resistance in ERG mode with my Kickr Snap. It may last for a minute where I feel like it’s all I can do to move the pedals. It can really mess with my motivation! Anyway, I’m hoping to get an answer sometime soon from this string.  Thanks for posting.

O hi.

After submitting the last post I found a pretty darned good answer in another part of the support area that was posted a couple of days ago. I’m not sure how to send you there but it’s title is…

How to use ERG Mode in Workouts

hope this helps. It did for me.

I’ve got this exact issue. It’s really bad because your suddenly stopped for a fraction of a second and it could damage your knees. Is there any fix for this? It’s dangerous

Same problem in workout mode only, use a kickr snap