ERG NOT working with Wahoo Kickr Snap

Since reinstalling my Snap Kickr on Zwift I cannot find it on the list so I hace to use the standard default.

The ERG mode is not accessible.

It is impossible for me to follow the recommended training intensity as my wattage is all over (can vary from 5-50+++ watts in one peddle stroke - even though my intensity remains the same).

When I use my wahoo app - no issues-


Hi @Michelle_Robitaille

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When you are in the paring screen do you search under Power and Controllable?

Make sure the trainer is not connected to any other apps.

What device are you using for Zwift?

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Since the Kickr Snap is a smart trainer it should be paired as both Power and Control. If you use a speed and cadence sensor for your cadence then it might also be pairing as speed which you don’t want. You’ll want to make sure that the Kickr is paired to Power and Control like in the image Gerrie shared before you pair the sensor for cadence.

Had very similar problems this morning.
Workout from Trainingpeaks. Watts jumped all over the place. In the main sets: 70 cadence at 240 watts- I could not even hold 140 watts then went to 150 watts at high cadence just the opposite resistance was too high.

Unsure if workout uploaded wrong or ERG was not working. I got one ■■■■ of a workout, just not a prescribed. Preformed spindown test on Kickr and will try again.

Had the same issue a couple years ago with my snap - watts all over the place with out changing cadence. I ended up buying a pedal based power meter, and that has worked well with the snap, though I have never been able to get the hang of erg mode - always end up in “death spiral”. Zwift insider has an article on a “factory” spin down, which is different than the ordinary spin down. That might be of use to you. I did not know about it so I did not try it when I was having issues.