ERG mode not making it possible at 300+ watts

I’m fairly new to Zwift and really enjoying it. The problem: Whenever I do an ERG workout and it gets to the high 200’s or 300s the resistance is so strong I can barely pedal my bike.

When ERG is off I can get myself into the 300+ 400+ without an issue an hold for 10+ seconds.

Why is ERG mode doing this? It is making doing any FTP builder plans impossible.

For reference I am riding on a Wahoo Kickr Snap.

Thanks fellow Zwift Heads

Kickr Snap, I could have guessed this before I got to where you said Kickr Snap. From my experience having had 2 of them, exchanging the first one then finally getting a refund is their power accuracy is a joke. It’s not even linear and the higher the power target the further out the accuracy is e.g.

150 watts on Kickr Snap = 130 watts on power meter (under)
180 watts on Kickr Snap = 180 watts on power meter (about the only time it agrees)
200 watts on Kickr Snap = 240 watts on power meter (over from here on)
250 watts on Kickr Snap = 350 watts on power meter
300 watts on Kickr Snap = locks up the back wheel

My advice is to get a refund and buy a direct drive trainer. You’ll thank me.

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I’ve had a kickr snap for many years (as have many people) and I don’t find these problem with inaccuracy so I can only say the opposite to Nigel. It does of course have to be regularly calibrated.

I complete a lot of workouts in ERG and used to get the problems of it being to hard. What I found was the the knob controlling the closeness of the rear wheel to the resistance plate needed to be tightened further (so that the tyre is closer to the plate). I would try doing this and then calibrate using the wahoo fitness or wahoo utility phone app (rather than through Zwift).

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If you know a high power interval is coming up, try to get your cadence up to maybe 90-100 rpm a few seconds before, then it should be possible to achieve the power required without getting bogged down.

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I have the exact same problem with my Wahoo Kickr Core. Haphazardly, for no obvious reason, the resistance builds and builds until the bike is impossible to pedal. It’s possible that it’s just me getting tired, but I don’t think so. I’m not that tired. And like the OP, I am thoroughly frustrated, because sprint and anaerobic workouts bevome impossible to do. I ride Zwift on my computer, mac mini, with the latest OSX 12 Mojave operating system.

That is called “The Spiral of Death” see the link below. It the video Shane will explain the “Spiral of Death” @8:00 min

Either Zwift or the Wahoo Kickr Core trainer seems oversensitive, applying big and eventually overwhelming jumps in resistance to very small reductions in cadence. I fall into the “Spiral of Death” more or less randomly, it feels like. So where’s the problem? Is it Zwift or the trainer? And is there anything I can do to widen the band in which Zwift reads the wattage generated by the trainer as matching the wattage designated in erg mode? Also, is there a minimum cadence I have to maintain to keep the wattage from Zwift and at the traimner matched?

Hi Nick,
I try to keep my cadence at about 90+.
If one of Zwifts workouts ask you to lower cadence for a section
you don’t have to. I can’t comment on the Kicker Core as I haven’t
used one. I really like erg mode. I use the big ring and a good chain
line. Using the small ring may help you fight the “Spiral” but I could
be wrong on that point.

If lowering the cadence brings you to the point of not completing
a section of the workout, keep the cadence at a level that you
are happy with and can complete with. Just ignore the prompts.
You will still achieve the Gold Star.
I think the idea of the lower cadence is to strengthen your legs.
So maybe just reduce cadence a bit at first until you are able to
complete the sections at the required cadence.
If its a trainer/Zwift problem forget everything I said.

Hope this might help.
If not please ignore.
Ride On