Ability to change targeted watts/kg in real-time

I think it would be a really cool feature if via the phone app or keyboard we could input a watts/kg number and automatically trigger a smart trainer to adjust erg mode to that resistance.  Maybe even have another screen with various programmable buttons that adjust the erg target power (say, 1 w/kg, 2, 2.5, 3, etc) instantly.

Possibly it’s just a byproduct of using a Kickr and experiencing the spinout on downhills, but I’d love to be able adjust resistance in real-time on the fly, which doesn’t exist in any software I know of (as opposed to pre-programmed power intervals).

My old Tacx turbo trainer from 15+ years ago had this feature, you could select the target watts on the screen and it would set the resistance accordingly, regardless of cadence. No idea why the turbos of today don’t seem to have this, everything seems to be devolving.

If you have the Wahoo phone app just unpair the KICKR from Zwift’s controllable trainer slot and then run the Wahoo app to set the KICKR in erg mode and change the power.

This doesn’t seem like a feature that’s likely to fit into Zwift’s road map very soon.

I run the Wahoo phone app via bluetooh and Zwift with ant+ simultaneously without a problem on my kickr.  Flip it to sim mode and zwift takes over with course slope data… flip it to erg and set at whatever you want.  All done on the fly without any issues.

Thanks Eric and Christian.  I gave it a try today, but couldn’t get it to work how I wanted.  I tried two things.  

  1. I left the Kickr as a controllable trainer in Zwift.  However, once I was in the Wahoo app, I would set the erg mode and power, but shortly after, Zwift would override erg mode and put it into sim mode.

  2. I removed the Kickr as a controllable trainer in Zwift.  Power got transmitted fine to Zwift, but now Zwift would obviously no longer control the sim mode and everything was manual in the Wahoo app.

So my question is, is it possible to do a blend of both controlling the power in the Wahoo app with erg mode, but also be able to change on the fly so Zwift can control the Kickr when I choose so?  Just want to make sure I’m not missing something.  Either way, it’s not a huge deal, but just wondering if this can already be done with the Wahoo app.


I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for you David.  Were you using Zwift in workout mode?  If so, I can see how it would continue to take over in ERG for each set interval.  I use it exactly as you describe wanting to do and have no problems.  Flip it to sim and Zwift takes back over without a problem.  I did half of my workout in manual erg mode this morning… then just flipped it to sim mode for another hour after that with zwift controlling the hill slope.

Thanks Eric.  I tried it again this morning and it worked just as you described.  Not sure what happened yesterday, but it’s working flawlessly now.  Thanks!