Wahoo Climb while in ERG mode

But how many people actually focus on doing structure workouts all the time? Just look at the number of avatars riding around zwift with the book and their number is few and far between. The climb is for those who want a more immersive experience when they zwift, and allows them to move around and work different muscle recruitment due to the raising and lowering of the fork.

Going back to the training aspect, I’m not sure you would necessarily want to have varying incline during erg mode if it does work, as it might shift muscle recruitment enough the training plan doesnt work as it should. This would be a great study for someone though, and I see the counter argument of you ride more the just one incline.

A work around should you wish could be to use the remote that came with the climb. I know it is not ideal during a workout, but you could manually control the incline or preset it.

Anecdotally I feel like I see a fair number of people but you’re right that it’s far from the majority. It’s kind of like when you buy a car and all of a sudden you see them everywhere.

From a training aspect I think the biggest benefit is preventing saddle sores and fatigue on longer training rides. That shift in muscle recruitment is precisely the thing I’m looking for. You can achieve some of it by just shifting around yourself every few minutes but I definitely have struggled with saddle comfort a lot more indoors than outdoors and constant pressure seems to be the primary cause.

I tried the remote as you suggested and it does give some of the benefit. I’ll play around with it for a few more workouts and see if it makes the Climb worth it.


Hi, How to enable ERG Mode. We are using SetIndoorBikeSimulationParameter and pass in Grade to automatically adjust resistance based on the terrain. We just need to enable ERG Mode