Kickr Climb with Workouts

Please could you add the option to have the Kickr Climb working in Workouts?

I totally understand that workouts are “do this power, at this cadence, for this long” and actual gradients don’t make a difference to the power required.

HOWEVER, irrespective of that it would be great to at least experience the bike moving up and down as the gradient changes while riding around the Zwift world.

I have the device and would quite like to get full use of it in whatever session I’m doing - and it just so happens that I’ll be doing mainly workouts for the foreseeable future.

Surely it must be possible to add a Kickr Climb (or other similar device) “on” or “off” checkbox - so at least there’s the option?

There’s already a large thread on this topic. Do a search for it and make sure you vote for it there.

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