Kickr Climb owners - do you still appreciate it?

Recently, I bought new Kicker (2018) and started my Zwift experience. Let me say, I really enjoy it. Actually, it surpasses my expectations. Probably that’s why I’m evaluating another improvement - Kickr Climb.

I know how it works - and what to expect (in theory). I saw videos (mostly from Shane-GPLama). As far as I can remember he mentioned some “problems” in his original video (Feb 2018) - some delays between gradient change and reaction of Climb, but he told this should/could be fixed via sw update in future (not sure if it has happened already or not). Also, I’m aware of another limitation - as Zwift currently doesn’t support K-Climb in ERG workouts (and yes, I know there are requests to add this feature into Zwift already, so we can just hope …)

Back to my question: do you (K-Climb owners/users) still appreciate the purchase of this quite expensive item? Do you enjoy it? How it feels in Zwift - in big steep mountains or/and in rolling terrain (as NY for example)? Does it improve your experience, immersion, fun, training? Is it really worth money? Would you buy it again or would you save your $$ for something else?

I appreciate your comments & opinions in advance …


I’ve had the Kickr Climb (with my Kickr Snap) for a couple of months now. I’m glad I’ve got it. I’ve got my trainer difficulty at the default 50% so I’ve doubled the wheelbase on the Climb settings so that it reacts to the gradient at 100%.

I like it because on my road bike I tend to sit and spin up hills. The Climb then makes this seem more realistic and, more importantly, your weight shifts on the saddle as the elevation changes making longer rides more comfortable.

On the other hand, if you stand and hammer up the climbs (like I need to on my fixie), the Kickr Climb won’t help the fact that you can’t move the bike side to side so the climbing still won’t feel like outdoors.

I haven’t noticed any material delay in recognizing elevation changes. As a matter of fact, I use the climb as an addition cue to shift gears. I connect my Kickr stuff Ant+ so maybe the BLE connection is not as responsive.

I’d definitely buy it again…It’s a hoot on the Hilly Route and Central Park.

If you decide to buy, now is a good time to buy it with the sales.


Steve W … Thank you for your reply! Really appreciate it :+1:

Other K-Climb users - no one else is willing to share his/her experience? I can see a lot of its users all around here and would like to know their opinion, too … Don’t be shy :slight_smile: The more info, the better …

I’ve only had mine for a week. However, I’m never going back. I do lots of long trainer rides and, like Steve, notice that the positioning variability leads to much more comfort and much less post-ride pain. I did 3:15 this weekend with no complaint. I’m surprised this isn’t a marketing message.

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Take a look also here >> Kickr Climb in Workouts

I love climb, it makes my workouts more enjoyable even if in erg mode workout it doesn’t work.

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Hi, Had my Climb since they launched it in the Summer and love it. I have it combined with a Rockr plate and really appreciate the movement they give to stop me getting a sore butt. It also works a wider range of legs muscles - just like being out on the road. Use the wider wheelbase hack to get the best out of it though.


… not sure if it’s ‘worth the money’ since that very much depends on ones priorities, disposable income etc etc, but for me the Climb has undoubtedly enhanced the whole Zwift/virtual riding experience … Whenever I can I ride outdoors and indoor riding has been a bit of a drudge so anything that helps minimise the potential tedium is a boon. Yes it’s expensive, yes I could manage without, yes it’s difficult to justify in absolute terms but after a couple of months use I would not wish to return to the world of the permanently horizontal!
If you enjoy climbing (I do) the Climb enables a much more realistic feel to the hills in Zwift: out of the saddle riding is 100% improved and descending is, strangely, also much enhanced… Let me know what you decide to do👍


I was able to buy one at a significant discount after using Clever Training points and credit card rewards. So I didn’t pay “asking price,” but it was still spendy.

When it first arrived, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as revolutionary as it was initially hyped to be. HOWEVER, I have grown to like it more and more. I wouldn’t give it up today. So, yes, to me it was worth it after growing into it a bit.

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Well, thank you ALL for response … I really appreciate it and found it very useful …
You really helped me to make final decision - I ordered my Climb today and of course I’m looking forward to it :sunglasses:


Rocker nice going to look into it. I have the climb also looking around for like an inclinator app or such to replicate gradient in zwift workouts manually, currently with the climb I would have to work manual anyway currently guessing now, something that is on the phone that shows 10% when you manually reach it. You know anyone has come across anything like that?

I have had the climb for a year. I use it at 100% setting to get the full grade effect. That being said I have had 2 belt failures. The first one was on the radio tower climb and I went over the handle bar. Wahoo quickly replaced the unit. The second failure was 4 months later. this time the belt severely frayed and caused immediate failure. Luckily i wasn’t on a steep climb. I am now waiting on a response from wahoo. From what i have read, it is a critical design flaw. Upgrading to a more robust belt would present compatibility issues. The unit is awesome when working properly and is well worth it from that stand point. Just know if you purchase one, you will have down time with it

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Jason, my Climb belt just broke the other day while riding the triple loops in the London World. Can you pass along the reading that shows this is a critical design flaw?? Also since mine is out of warranty I am going to have to fix it myself.

unfortunately the design flaw issue was something that a few people had commented on. I believe one was an engineer. I read this in other forums and postings on the web

Jason, is there a good video or something to tell how to fix the Climb? I have all the tools and skills to do it, I just need to know how. Part of the problem is their belts are the best and at 60 bucks a pop for the Kickr I went with a commercial belt that was 30 bucks for two and has already lasted then the first two I ripped through!!!