Steering AND Kickr Climb?

I just tested out the steering course on Zwift. - it’s pretty awesome and I like the hard short climbs. I am also thinking about getting the Kickr climb for the front wheel to change the bike angle. Are there any setups out there already for using both the steering and the incline adjustment together?

I have a sneaky suspicion that Wahoo Climb Version 2 will include also steering.
Only time and patience will tell…
Might be worth while to hold off on that purchase.

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Perhaps, but my understanding is that Elite has at least a one-year exclusive agreement with Zwift, so don’t expect it to come along too quickly.

That’s an odd agreement to have with one manufacturer.

Fairly normal for new tech that might need tweaks before final standard released/sold/provided to broader market. Elite have to put in a bit of capital so they need some assurance around revenue. Exclusivity sorts both needs. Personal opinion though is that as this is a lane changer and not really steering, so open-sourcing or providing an api to people who tinker with this sort of stuff would have yielded far more innovative solutions that would suit a broader audience given how (relatively) easy this tech will be.

If you’re budget will permit, perhaps the Smart Bike is the future proof option here. I believe that the buttons on the handlebars could be customised as steering left and right with a Wahoo firmware upgrade and Zwift software update.

The obvious solution when the protocols are better understood (or opened up) is a simple handlebar mounted digital option. I wouldn’t throw your Kickr Climb away just yet.

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