Rizer or Kickr KOM Bundle

I’m looking for some input on my next purchase. I currently use Zwift and race with an Elite Suito. I’m pretty happy with it besides the lighter fly wheel is tricky over rolling terrain sometimes. Doesnt have quite as much momentum as old First Gen Kickr. As far as accuracy I’m pretty happy with it, since it readings are within a percent or 2 when I dual record.

I was looking at getting an Elite Rizer when they release in the US to add some interaction (climb and steering). However, I got to thinking and I could sell my Suito and get the Kickr KOM Bundle. I would end up with trainer with a better flywheel experience and some front end movement.

The only deciding factor is the steering. Is the steering function in Zwift worth it for racing? Also, I’ve read about issues with belt slipping on the Kickr Climb. Looking for some insight and recommendations. Thanks.

I do not have experience with steering or the kickr climb, but most races do not have steering enabled, which means you will only be able to steer during steering enabled races.

Yeah I saw there was limited steering events, was just thinking about if things change in the future. Doesn’t seem to be too much of an advantage to steering during those races. Thanks for the input.

I have been suing Zwift for upto 4 years now and have seen no need to steer, i have played a little on the MTB course on Watopia, but enjoy the freedom of not having to think about other things other than breathing hard and trying to keep up with the kids> i use the TACX smart bike and never use the function

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I have a review of the RIZER hitting Zwift Insider in the next day or two.

I’ll be looking out for it. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I didn’t contact Todson and they should be in the US mid December.

I’m also reviewing the Elite XR-T which works with the RIZER, you need a compatible trainer to use it.

I have a Suito T. Pretty happy with overall besides the light fly wheel compared to my old 1st Gen Wahoo Kickr.