Is the Elite Sterzo Smart worth it

How is the Elite Sterzo Smart? I only see posts from 2020 and they are not so positive. It is now 2023 so hopefully everything works better. Should I rather get a Kickr Climb? BTW, I ride a road bike.

It works fine for me, although it’s just been a bit of a gimmick until now. With Zwift now enabling steering for all events it should be a much better proposition.

My feeling is the Kickr Climb adds a lot more value to the game, though you might need thrust washers or something else to help the dropouts move

I’m not sure the Sterzo smart is a direct competitor to the Kickr Climb.

Surely you mean the Elite Rizer?

The Sterzo is ok, and obviously a relatively lower cost option to add on steering. One thing I wish is that it could be made more sensitive to turns and require less turning than it does in order to move quickly from side to side of the road – I have big feet and toe overlap with the front tire in my setup.