Elite sterzo smart

Hello everyone, just wondering if anybody invested in the sterzo smart and what are your thoughts on it

Here is a link to a thread about it: Steering using Elite Sterzo Smart

Check out the review from Shane.

It’s great, but I guess they all sold out at the moment :thinking:


Thanks for the heads up and great video

Hi guys. Bought the Sterzo Smart a week ago and have ridden it a few times around Zwift.

Free world riding - I love it. It’s great to be able to take racing lines, drop out of and into drafts and generally have a more immersive experience.

Racing - major positives and negatives.
Positives: being able to take the racing line, removing draft for competitors and being able to ride shorter distances to catch back up to the group when dropped.
Negatives: almost impossible to take advantage of the draft from the main group. The bumper car effect/sideways collision (when trying to get into the pack) is unrealistic and serves as a huge disadvantage for the majority of a race. The size of the gap needed to get back into the group is too big! Finally, even after finally managing to get back into the draft, you then get bumped out of the group due to sideways bumper car effect. This is genuinely making me consider the devices worth in a race situation (the place where I thought it would excel).

You’ll find a much more active discussion on the Sterzo steering in the thread that Paul posted above - Steering using Elite Sterzo Smart

Thanks for directing me to that thread. Seems most people are saying the same thing! Work in progress :grinning::+1: