Future of steering?

what are the future plans for steering? i have tried the mtb course with phone attached to the handlebars, and by the 3rd try i was really digging it. it was very immersive, almost to the point that when i was finished, i almost felt dizzy for a second as i returned to reality, i was that into it.
i could see this being really exciting in zwift races, where line choice, picking the right draft (or losing it,) and possible “crashes” could totally change the way races work. obviously not all races should be steering enabled, but it would be cool to see some of them (jungle loops, crit city, etc) either way i just went ahead and bought the elite sterzo in anticipation that zwift is heading this direction.

I’ve only tried the MTB course once so far and used a lazy susan. It was fun but the steering was a bit mental as my handlebars were all over the place. Just watching the GPLama video on the Elite Sterzo and he really rates it. I didn’t realise this even existed, but might wait until the digital version comes out.

any further updates from HQ here? i still think steering has a future if you want a more immersive experience. the new smart bikes have buttons to potentially control steering. as mentioned before, i got a sterzo which creates a very smooth and realistic steering sensation. so the hardware is there, why no opportunities to use it? i think optimally there should be certain courses aimed towards steering events, and steering should play a direct role in the outcome. you should be able to improve your draft, by getting into the right position, or suffer when you steer out of the draft. also immediate slow down if you “hit” the barriers (crit city) or go off the side of the road. this would implement some degree of skill into the racing, rather then just who pedals the hardest. this seems like a great idea for some beta events, moreso than boost mode (which has no basis in reality, and no one was asking for!)

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