Game Update 1.29 [September 2022]

Hi Zwifters

September’s game release 1.29 is ready for all OS platforms and it’s got some juicy updates this time around.


  • First, we’ve raised the highest achievable level for cyclists from 50 to 60. For those who have been stuck at level 50 for some time, the XP you’ve been earning will be gradually doled out to your future rides so you can still enjoy leveling up over time. Runners, don’t worry, we’ll get you more levels this winter.
  • We’re also pleased to start the rollout for the new workout browsing experience. Mac, PC, and iPad users will be first to get it, with Apple TV following very shortly after. With this updated UI, you’ll be able to browse categories of workouts and filter the workout library to find that perfect workout for the day in the “All Workouts” section. We’ve got more improvements to come in this area in the next several releases, so stay tuned.
  • The Zwift Handcycle is here and now available for everybody to use. For those who are real-life handcyclists, we’ve got a club for you to join where you can ride with (or race!) other handcyclists exclusively here.

On to how it works: The handcycle weighs a lot more than a bicycle, but makes up for its weight by being very aerodynamic. Additionally, road bikes will not be able to draft handcycles, but handcyclists can draft other handcycles, and get a partial draft from bicycles. Just like TT bikes, racing events can be configured to disallow this new bike type if the race organizer feels like a mix isn’t appropriate.

Over time we plan to add an additional handcycle or two to the drop shop to allow for more variety and higher performance models. We have a handcycle thread here for feedback and discussion.

  • Ride-On Bombs now work in events for all users. Harness the power previously only given to event ride leaders and dole out those Ride Ons in your next event.
  • New homescreen experience has been updated to list more upcoming events.
  • New homescreen will now remember your most recent 2 pacer group rides you’ve done and place those two pace groups at the start of your pacer group/pace partner row.
  • Anvil powerup has updated behavior. It will now only have an effect when going downhill.
  • Support for the upcoming Zwift Hub trainer has been added.
  • Cadex TT bike has been added to the drop shop.


  • Fixed a few issues with automatic screenshots, such as empty event results being automatically captured and uploaded.
  • Fixed bug where “this ride’s” critical power curve was sometimes scaled differently than historical critical power curve, making comparing the two impossible.
  • Reduced volume on runners’ footsteps.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

UPDATE September 28 v 1.29.1

  • The numeral “1” has been updated in the game’s heads up display to improve font legibility.
  • Addressed Zwift Academy Road 2022 workouts missing from Training Plans menu [iOS and Apple TV].
  • Visual improvements to focus/hover states on the new home screen.
  • Apple TV users can now log out / change users from the new home screen. Clicking on the “door” icon in this example image will take you to the log in screen.
  • Increased accuracy of system clock on Windows machines to reduce flickering avatars on high performance PCs.
  • Fixed misnamed Animal Print jerseys.
  • Added description to handcycle wheelset that speaks to its design and performance.
  • Various other bug fixes.

Any questions about this release? Please ask in this thread.


What’s changed with the font? :wink:


new fonts!!!




“with Apple TV following very shortly after” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I hate the “1” lookong like a “7” :disappointed:


Nah that was the other week, they’ve changed them again with this release but they look the same to me anyway.

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New bleep/bloop sound effects on things coming and going off screen, like ride-ons.


Great update this time it seems

As far as I know, we have not changed the new font since they were introduced in v1.28.1. Getting confirmation of that.

UDPATE: confirming that there were no explicit changes to fonts in 1.29.0 vs 1.28.1. @Dave_ZPCMR If you noticed “tweaks” that can happen with minor localization updates.


Probs just very minor tweaks, updated files were in the patcher log that’s all.

Does this update include the missing ZA workouts on iPad and ATV?

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Bit disappointing to me - though the September Update would bring something bigger, given all the hype around reduces OS’s I’ve hoped for new courses or even and expansion of maps.

The work wasn’t completed in time to release today. We expect it to be fixed in the next 1.29.1 patch

…and if you did the old fonts hack, this is what you get unless you do it once again. (Not worth the trouble if you ask me.)

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There’s a Makuri Islands expansion already announced as coming later this season.

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Any ETA on the release of that one? The second workout is in there (so my this week is fine), but I will likely be doing the 3rd before the 3rd group workout is on the calendar, so that’s when I’ll be stuck from a timing perspective.

Edit: Also I would expect a lot of folks to be doing the 3rd workout early next week (ahead of the 3rd group workouts being on the calendar) if they did the group ride and the first two workouts this week. The only other long ZA workout on the list I could do once I finish the second workout would be the 5th which is probably not ideal.

Oh, why? It was so funny when someone dropped the anvil uphill and instantly was spat out the back :rofl:


The old anvil was more of an IQ test than a powerup, especially on courses with no descent long enough to last through the entire duration…