New Drop Shop Bikes [September 2022]

Hi Zwifters

We have two new bikes to announce in the Zwift 1.29 game release.

Zwift Handcycle

Designed in collaboration with experts in para-cycling, this frame is for athletes who crank with their arms instead of their legs. This well-balanced cycle will let you see the roads from a whole new perspective.

Weight: 1
Aero: 4
Unlock level: Granted to all Zwifters at Level 1.
Cost (drops): 0

Cadex TT

The CADEX Tri frameset is a no-holds-barred triathlon machine—no restrictions, no limitations. It’s designed, engineered and put to the test by the world’s fastest triathletes in a bold quest to push the sport forward. It rewrites the rules.There’s nothing conventional about this bike. The frame, with its radical monocoque design, unlocks a new level of aero efficiency. It gives triathletes an entirely new way to access nutrition, hydration and other essentials right from their racing position without the wind ever noticing. It’s all right there, tucked inside the aero down tube, invisible to the wind.

Weight: 1 star
Aero: 4 stars
Unlock level: 42
Cost (drops): 1,029,500