Wrong bike equipped

Hi this is my second time posting this bug, which keeps coming back. When I equip the CADEX Tri this is what I end up with - it shows up this way in the garage. I’ve wiped and reinstalled ZWIFT (windows version) and that fixed it temporarily. It’s back today, so assume an update ran and it’s a persistent bug. Any thoughts? Only seems to happen with this bike - picture from the garage below.

Is that the Zwift Steel frame?

Are you maybe trying to enter an event that bans TT frames?

Nope shows up that way in the garage.

Hi @lisa_noon , it looks like you recently participated in Stage 1 of the May “Bag That Badge” racing series. The races in this series don’t allow TT bikes to be used, and will default you to a Zwift Steel frame if you attempt to equip a TT frame while in the event. You can feel free to use the Cadex Tri in free rides or time trial races, but I recommend using something like your Aeroad 2021 during the Bag That Badge events. Best of luck to you!

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