Game Update 1.54 [December 2023]

Hello Zwifters,

This week’s phased rollout of Zwift game version 1.54 begins for Windows / macOS / Android devices. iOS and Apple TV phased rollout begins tomorrow. We have some big features this time!

  • Cycling levels have been increased from 60 to 100 with new unlockable rewards along the way, and all levels have been rebalanced to make sure your next level is always on the horizon. Learn more here!
  • The Drop Shop has been updated with changes to pricing and unlock criteria to better tie equipment performance to the level they are unlocked.
  • Introducing Ride Streaks! By riding at least once per week (Monday - Sunday), you’ll increase your ride streak counter and earn bonus XP for your first two rides of each week. You’ll see this showcased in a new Ride Streak experience after you finish an activity. Rides must be at minimum 2 km in length to qualify towards your weekly streak.
  • Coming later today: The Climb Portal now supports climb elevation scaling - now Zwifters can reduce the climb segment’s elevation to 50% and 75%, and for those hardcore mountain goats, a 125% elevation increase! More information here.
  • Added route intersection options when opting to freeride after completing Repack Rush.
  • Updated rider lean visual to be more realistic.
  • Fixed an issue on Repack Rush where the Restart button was hidden when the HUD was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where cyclists with steering devices could steer off of the road in several locations throughout Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some rivers to dry up in London and Makuri Islands.
  • Fixed an issue where grass was missing in some locations in Makuri Islands.
  • Zwift Hub: For Zwifters with virtual shifting enabled, free ride blocks within Zwift Academy workouts now start at the default gear 12.

UPDATE December 6

  • Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS begins today
  • Phased rollout to Windows / macOS / Android continues.

UPDATE December 7

  • Phased rollout to all OS platforms is complete.

Any questions or issues? Let us know in this thread.


A quick note: we’ll enable this feature on the server later today.

UPDATE December 5
This feature is enabled server-side for Zwifters using game version 1.54.

Thank you for your patience - barring any unforeseen issues, Climb Portal Elevation Scaling should be available on all devices by Thursday / Friday (depending on your local time zone)


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In terms of the elevation scaling - For folks on iPad will they need to wait for the game update tomorrow, or will the server-side switch apply ahead of the bits hitting iPad?

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Yes, both. You will need game version 1.54 which starts rolls out tomorrow to iOS and tvOS. By that time, we should have the server-side switch enabled for you to use this new feature.

UPDATE: the server-side switch has been enabled


Big update! Detailed noted from Zwift Insider: Zwift Update Version 1.54 (122968) Released | Zwift Insider


Between the usual grumpy guys, I just wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate everyone at Zwift for the work they did in the last months.

Not only you delivered big features requested for a long time (yearly subscription, LVL 100…) but you also shifted to a healthy release cycle with almost weekly new features/bug fixes.
I have no doubt it took many months of hard work to find this pace and produce this changes.

Sure, there’s still a backlog bigger than Ven-Top, but it’s not a reason to not appreciate the successes achieved by the team! You are making Zwift a better product everyday and thus helping people in their fitness journey for a better life!

You should be proud of what you achieved.

One special note for the user-facing staff like @shooj @evan-zwift and your colleagues : I couldn’t do what you do. You demonstrate great patience everyday. I would have drawn my sword-shaped keyboard and murdered by words many people by now.

Ride On!


As one of the usual grumpy guys I completely agree. There will always be something for someone to complain about but the improvement seen in recent months has been remarkable.


I’m really glad to see altitude scaling will be tagged in KOM/QOM and Strava segment times.
This seems like a super-solid update… as good as I could have hoped without new roads.


Gamification feetures mostly and some well adressed bugs.
Dont mind the bet in gamification any more because any app that wants to be big must do things that appeal to everyone and I can cope with some gamification that sonmany love but… I wonder when a more realistic ride feel with more perceived and noticed draft, braking in corners and that feeling of an excessive speed when riders overtake and they are only a few watts above not giving much chance to catch their draft and some other stuff in this department will be adressed? In the near future? Sometime in a medium distance or never?

Besides that I would suggest to adress the “hot mess” as someone mentioned it to me that the trainingplans represent. Theres just no racionality in it. Very poor descriptions and cant really distinguish wich plans are suitable for a base, build, speciality sequence or wich is what.

And why there’s no user calendar to spread the workouts and other activities and that enables the possibility to move around those workouts accordingly to our shedule?

The gamification that many love is already at a high level and I love cruising Watopia with so many users all around and so many different roads and join group rides with riders by the hundreds but the rest has so much to improve.

Not even talking about the reality of the riders positioning on server side vs current user machine side and powerups on races that makes me not wanna join any races.


{checks Earth’s axis for tilt}



All excellent updates. But I was disappointed not to see the TVos version updated to address the issues with HR dropouts. There’s been enough noise on the forums/community pages to validate it’s legit and not individual user issues. Is this recognized as an open issue at this point? Is there info needed that can help troubleshoot?

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Is it going to be any easier getting the Disc Wheel?

1,579,800 points for the Disc,is it going to change in the new update.Is the current required Level also going to change🙄

655,600 at level 39. Easier. No need for :roll_eyes:

I agree here. Firstly, I don’t want this to sound like a moan, because it isn’t. Zwift deserve a huge amount of credit for what they have done recently. There have been some brilliant updates and are making great strides in the making the platform much better. The climb portal and new levels are fantastic additions.

My constructive feedback would be to develop the platform for a better training experience. When I ride, I just see loads of people doing workouts so the training side would be a worthwhile area of focus. This would include better update of plans (some if these just seem thrown together and the workouts look like they’ve been designed to look good on screen rather than be truly effective) so work with a partner to develop properly implemented plans. Then there should be better interaction outside of the game, a calendar that you can manipulate, training data and history that can be easily accessed. An online workout creator that easily adds workouts to the game instead of having to manually add them in to a workouts folder on a pc, then open up the pc for it to be available on other platforms. The training side of the platform I feel is the next logical step in Zwifts development and if they could nail this, would ensure Zwift really is the one stop shop for cyclists.

As mentioned, this is just feedback, not criticism. I think Zwift are making great progress in improving the platform.


I hit level 42 last week. Choose to buy the DT Swiss wheels at 1.5M and was a few 100k short for the Cadex bike. Cadex price has gone up 500k and wheels gown nearly 1M. Can’t take a trick!

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This update is, at the moment, just on one laptop, when I closed Zwift down just now, is displayed a window showing wk 1 streak 2.6km, what does that mean, I’ve ridden about 55km this week and today I didn’t ride at all, what is this 2.6km?

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